Defrost the freezer without turning off the appliance: this is how it is done quickly

The freezer is essential for preserving meat and other foods. This is usually the top compartment of the refrigerator. Without regular maintenance, ice can build up quickly and in large quantities. This can cause the device to malfunction, in addition to having an impact on energy costs. To defrost your freezer without breaking a sweat, you can rely on this quick, proven method.

Defrost the freezer without turning off the appliance: this is how it’s done quickly

Regular and correct maintenance not only ensures efficient freezing, but also keeps energy costs under control. In fact, it ensures that the freezer works properly. This involves defrosting, which is often a tedious task.

Fortunately, you can lighten the load. Defrosting will become child’s play when you discover this technique. You don’t even have to turn off the freezer to do it. Plus, it will only take you a few minutes.

To do this, you will need a pot of water. This way you can defrost quickly, especially if you are going on vacation for a few days. Follow these steps to the letter:

Take a pot of water and put it on the fire;
Heat the water and bring it to a boil as if you were cooking pasta;
Then, turn off the heat at the first boil;
Take the pot with the hot water and put it in the empty freezer;
Stabilize the saucepan so that hot water does not spill;
Close the freezer and let the heat of the hot water melt the ice;
Wait 20 minutes and you will see that the ice will have melted as if by magic;
Take a sponge or absorbent cloth and remove the melted water and the rest of the ice;
Dry all surfaces well and that’s it.