Deodorant stains on clothes that are removed in 1 minute

You can say goodbye to those annoying and unsightly deodorant stains: thanks to this ingredient, they disappear completely and in just a minute.

Deodorant is our best ally when we face long and tiring days. This allows us to maintain a good smell even over the hours. This is exactly why we use it daily or even several times a day. The use of deodorant is fundamental and it is good to take care of your hygiene, but its use damages our clothes. The friction that occurs between the Axil with the deodorant and the fabric leads to very stubborn stains. Fortunately, there is a way to permanently remove them. Here’s what it is.

Deodorant stains on clothes: grandmother’s methods.
Deodorant stains, especially cotton T-shirts. It’s a white t-shirt, the markings are likely to turn yellow and create an aesthetically unpleasant stain. The risk is throwing away a beloved T-shirt just because the marks won’t go away.

Before figuring out which ingredient to use to remove deodorant stains in a minute, it is worth putting into practice other small tips that will take more time.

Deodorant stains
The first method involves using a product that we all have at home: hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can be used in dozens of different ways and has disinfectant and disinfectant properties. If you have a deodorant-stained shirt near your armpits, you can practice this trick. Mix half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with two cups of COLD’eau. Your garment needs to soak in this liquid solution for 30 minutes. Remember that hydrogen peroxide only removes stains from white clothing. it could spoil bright colors. Also, make sure it is cotton or polyester. This causes damage to fabrics such as silk, satin and wool. After 30 minutes, put your garment in the washing machine: at the end of the washing cycle it will be like new.

Second method that we will illustrate involves the use of white vinegar. White wine vinegar is a versatile product: in the culinary field it enriches our dishes; In the cleaning sector, it disinfects and removes stains. An ally that can save us even with stubborn deodorant stains. The procedure is very simple: it is enough place the garment in a container filled with white wine vinegar and let it soak for an hour. This is a good idea to make stain removal easier. Rub the stain with a new toothbrush, but gently. This time you also have to wash the shirt and this time the stain is gone too.

Deodorant stains
If the stain is new and hasn’t been there for days or weeks, you can take immediate action by wearing nylon stockings . In this case we must be careful: the shirt must be dark or black to engage with the nylon. You should rub the nylon on the annoying white traces of deodorant. L’alternative is a towel or clean socks : rub them on the fresh stain that L’will completely remove.

Then you can use and baking powder. Mixing baking soda and eau creates a mixture that is fairly dense and grainy. If you pour the mixture over the stain and rub it completely, the stain will disappear in no time. The most important thing is that after rubbing the stain, let everything rest for about twenty minutes. Twenty minutes is the time it takes for the halo to completely disappear. Once cleared, you will notice the disappearance.

Deodorant stains: the ingredient that eliminates them in a minute
How do I remove deodorant stains in just one minute and with a single ingredient? This is where the lemon comes in with its natural whitening properties.

You need to mix lemon juice and then pour equal and proportional portions of the liquid directly onto the stain. If the shirt is very light or white, it is advisable to expose it to the sun. The sun coming into contact with lemon enhances the final effect. Like baking soda and vinegar, lemon has disinfectant and stain-removing properties that must be taken into account when doing all kinds of household chores.