Dirty socks? How to become white again with simple and natural tips

If there’s one item of clothing that constantly turns black, it’s socks!

Walking around the house without wearing slippers, wearing dark shoes, always wearing sneakers and many other habits will cause the bottom of your socks to lose all their whiteness.

Luckily, it’s possible to whiten them in just a few steps, thanks to a tip that will solve all the little problems and make them look like new again!

Bleaching method

The ultimate whitening method that we will see together is the use of sodium percarbonate.

This is a product designed precisely as a natural whitening agent and always delivers excellent results. So how could you not use it?

The procedure is very simple: you have to fill a basin with very hot water, add 2 good tablespoons of sodium percarbonate and let the socks soak for at least 5 to 6 hours.

After this time, simply rinse each sock thoroughly and let it dry in the sun.

You can also use percarbonate in the washing machine by placing a spoon in the drum and setting a temperature of at least 60°C.

More solutions in the washing machine

Percarbonate is a very important additive to keep in the washing machine’s natural remedy drawer, but it is not the only solution to dirty socks.

So it’s good to know any other tips you can use if you don’t have percarbonate on hand!


Baking soda is what you might call the “relative” of percarbonate, but in reality it pretty much just has the same name.

Although it is very effective for whitening, baking soda has a cleaning effect and removes all dirt and dust from textiles.

For socks it is an excellent solution and you must use it by adding a spoonful of the product to the basket and keeping the temperature high.

White wine vinegar

White vinegar is now the most popular washing machine ingredient due to its multifunctionality as a natural fabric softener, whitener, stain remover, etc.

Add half a cup of the product to the washing machine’s wash tub or fill a spoon with it and pour it directly into the drum: you will notice a noticeable improvement from the first wash.

Yellow soap

When it comes to natural remedies for whitening laundry, we can’t ignore yellow soap!

This product, popular since ancient times, is one of the most popular at home and in the washing machine, in liquid or soft versions.

For socks and for everything white linen in general it will be a real surprise! Simply take the bar of soap, divide it into medium-sized balls and place one of them in the sock washing basket.

Marseille soap

To complete the list of remedies for whitening socks, there is Marseille soap!

Its degreasing action, coupled with a truly intoxicating scent, makes it perfect for incredible results and saying goodbye to dirty socks.

Simply grate 2 tablespoons of grated Marseille soap and add it directly to the washing machine basket or laundry drawer.

To enhance the whitening, you can also add 1 tablespoon of baking soda.