Natural tips to remove bad smells from the trash can  

We know that the trash can that usually sits under the sink tends to smell bad even though we try to clean it and change the bag often.

This is because it contains food residues that, after a certain period of time, give off unpleasant odors that remain impregnated.

However, if cleaning is not enough to eliminate the smell, don’t worry because there are ingredients that can neutralize it. Let’s see together how to remove bad smells from the trash with these natural remedies!

Before you start

Before resorting to solutions to mask bad smells, you should thoroughly clean the trash can to remove food particles. In this way, odors are not only masked, but also safely eliminated.

We therefore recommend that you pour four full glasses of vinegar into a bowl of water and then add a few drops of tea tree oil, which is known to be a powerful antifungal and bactericide. Then dip a sponge into the resulting mixture and pass it through the trash several times.

Finally, rinse thoroughly and dry in the sun to prevent moisture from forming.


Once the trash is cleaned, let’s look at what ingredients can eliminate bad smells. The first remedy we offer you is baking soda, which is known for its odor-inhibiting effect.

So just sprinkle a few tablespoons on the bottom of the container to create a thick layer, then insert the new bag and you’re done. Of course, we recommend that you repeat this process at least once a week so that this remedy is always effective and also prevents the proliferation of bacteria.


Just as effective as baking soda, salt has absorbent properties that make it possible to eliminate excess humidity in the home and the associated bad odors.

As with the previous solution, you will need to sprinkle the bottom of the trash can with a handful of salt and then insert the new bag. Here, too, we advise you to replace the ingredient so that the product remains effective.


While salt and baking soda can neutralize bad odors, coffee powder also allows you to scent your trash can with its incomparable aroma. So put the coffee grounds in a small bowl and let them dry completely. Then pour it into the bottom of the trash can and insert the bag.

If you have coffee beans, you can also use them by putting them in cloth bags or pouring them into a bowl that you then place at the bottom of the trash can. And what a smell!

The lemon

After salt, baking powder and coffee grounds, the lemon, this citrus fruit with a thousand properties, could not be missing from the list.

All you have to do is take the peels of two lemons that have already been used and sprinkle them at the bottom of the trash can: the bad smells will remain nothing more than a bad memory! In this case, we recommend that you replace the lemons twice a week.


Ah Cinnamon: This spice is known for its scent, which can eliminate food and frying smells in the kitchen! So place a cinnamon stick (or several) at the bottom of the trash can before putting the bag in it and bad smells will be nothing more than a bad memory!

Essential Oil

Among the means to ensure a good smell naturally, we cannot fail to mention essential oils, which are used to perfume the home without resorting to chemicals.

Add a few drops of essential oil of your favorite scent to cotton balls, then place them at the bottom of the trash can until the entire surface is covered.

Der Double-Bag-Trick

Finally, let’s look at another tip that can prevent bad smells from forming in the trash: the double bag tip.

To try it, simply place two bags in the trash can so that they form a double layer that blocks the drainage of spent liquids that cause bad smells