How to lighten lines yellowed by the sun? – Grandma’s Tips for Brightening Your Laundry

The sun is what we want most all year round, and it’s no coincidence that summer is many people’s favorite season!

However, it must be taken into account that in some cases the sun can also cause damage, not only in terms of exhaustion and heat, but also in terms of clothing.

In fact, it sometimes happens that clothes turn yellow due to direct sunlight, but today we will learn how to avoid this!


We can’t help but mention sodium percarbonate as the first ingredient that prevents white clothes from turning yellow!

It is the product that can replace more than any other bleach, but with the advantage of having a positive impact on the environment and being environmentally friendly.

Percarbonate’s specialty is actually whitening clothing. Therefore, it must be used by adding 1 spoonful of the product directly into the drum of the washing machine.

In order for the percarbonate to develop its effect, use a minimum temperature of 40°C.

citric acid

The most striking thing about citric acid is its ability to brighten and soften laundry in the washing machine.

Although this ingredient is used to make natural fabric softeners, it also has a whitening effect as it removes dirt from the fibers.

To use it, dissolve 150g of the product in 1L of water until a uniform solution is obtained, then add 100ml of the mixture to the washing machine every time you want to whiten your clothes.

Oxygenated water

Like sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide is the ingredient that can replace bleach.

In fact, it releases substances that eliminate any bacteria present on your clothes, leaving them as white and shiny as new.

If you want to use this method, simply fill a spoon and place it directly in the basket; You can also add a tablespoon to the detergent drawer.

Don’t forget to use 10 percent hydrogen peroxide by volume, which is intended for home use.


Baking soda cannot be excluded from the list of ingredients that allow you to whiten laundry efficiently, economically and ecologically.

The abrasive nitrogen contained in it removes dirt, dust and yellow stains from the bed linen and ensures freshness and shine!

Pour in 1 measuring spoon of baking soda, put it directly into the drum of the washing machine and you’re done!

How to hang laundry

After learning your grandmother’s tips for whitening laundry, you also need to see how to hang it!

Because clothing can also and above all turn yellow due to direct sunlight: What should I do?

Please note, however, that white bed linen should never be left on the balcony longer than necessary to dry, as it not only gets stains but can also become stiff.

That’s why you need to be very careful when going out and avoid exposing white laundry to direct sunlight.