Dirty switch: clean it like this to make it like new!

Do you know this amazing trick to make a dirty light switch shine again? In one step, it will look clean and new!

Dirty switches: how to clean them easily and effectively?

Over time, bacteria and germs can invade the switches. They also accumulate dust and dirt that can compromise the proper functioning of your accessories.

Fortunately, there are excellent techniques to keep them clean and spotless. There is no need to buy expensive products from the market, since the simple ingredients you have at home can work wonders.

To do this, we recommend cleaning the switches with a potato. It may seem unusual, but this tuber is incredibly effective at leaving dirty light switches looking like new.

This is possible thanks to potato starch, which is able to neutralize greasy marks on the surface of light switches.

Take a potato and cut it in half. Next, she gently rubs the pulp onto the switches. For the less accessible parts, rub them with a cotton ball soaked in a little potato juice.

You can also use cleansing milk or baking soda. Mix these products with water to make a paste that you can apply to the switches to whiten them.

White vinegar is also your super ally for removing dirt and grease stains from light switches. It can also neutralize bacteria and germs in large quantities on these objects.

Another effective remedy to clean switches

To make your dirty light switches shine, you can try preparing this home remedy with a disinfectant effect. To do this, mix 250 ml of vinegar with the same amount of 70% alcohol and the same amount of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl.

To these ingredients, add 6 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Experts recommend using tea tree oil, which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Lemon and lavender are also two effective products for removing dirt and bacteria.

Once all the ingredients are mixed, pour them into a spray bottle and spray the liquid on the light switches. Once a week, this cleaning operation will remove dirt, bacteria and germs from the switches.