3 great tips to distribute the heat from the stove upstairs

Among the most popular home heating solutions, the wood stove is the one that creates heat and warmth. Discover all our tips to spread heat throughout the house, even upstairs.

Tip 1: Place your wood stove in the right place

Find a strategic place so that the heat is distributed evenly. It’s a good idea to install your heating solution next to the stairs so that warm air flows to the upper floors.

A real mistake is placing the stoves in an area that is difficult to access. The disorder of your heating source blocks the passage of air.

Tip 2: Optimize ventilation

In addition to choosing the appropriate location, you must also organize the spaces so that the air circulates correctly. To do this, you can change the furniture or improve the quality of the insulation.

It’s a good idea to get rid of large furniture and any fixtures that could block air circulation. If possible, eliminate obstacles such as unnecessary partitions, and do not hesitate to install shutter doors so that heat can pass through all the rooms of the house.

Tip 3: Use heat-conducting materials

The goal is to retain as much heat as possible in the house. That is why you have to choose suitable materials that insulate floors, walls and ceilings well.

Don’t forget to opt for heat-conducting floors. Instead of wood or carpet, opt for natural stone or tile.

Extra tip: ensure good ventilation with a smart system

Among the solutions that improve the quality of ventilation inside, heat recovery units are an interesting idea. It is a solution that traps the released heat and then distributes it throughout the house. This is possible thanks to a network of air ducts.

The result: you get the most out of your heating solution while keeping costs to a minimum. Make sure you ventilate the house every day so that the air is renewed.

Finally, don’t hesitate to install extraction units in very hot areas so that you can supply air to cold areas.

Follow these tips closely to ensure your home is heated properly, while keeping your heating bills under control.