Refrigerator: the dryer trick cuts the bill in half!

You may not know that a hair dryer can cut your refrigerator bill in half. But how is it possible?

Refrigerator: how to save money with a hair dryer?

Lately, households consume a lot of energy to heat their homes and keep them comfortable. In fact, last year was one of the coldest winters in 22 years.×250.png×250.png

To avoid getting cold and sick from the winter frosts, many households turned on their stoves and radiators to keep warm.

During the last period of 2022, many commercial establishments closed their doors. And rightly so: they had already suffered greatly in the post-lockdown period due to skyrocketing energy costs, and this only got worse in the months that followed.

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As the months go by, many of these businesses have decided to lower their blinds because the costs are increasingly unaffordable and they are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Hair dryer trick: the technique that no one had thought of!

We can’t lie, many supermarkets have reduced the products they sell because the refrigerators cannot operate due to the high cost of energy. As a result, the damage can worsen.

This also happens at home. Since the refrigerator opens and closes often during the day, it can consume a lot of electricity.

Additionally, the refrigerator door may not close properly. The seals no longer work properly, so it turns out that your refrigerator is as if its doors are wide open at all times.

To avoid an astronomical bill at the end of the month, grab a sheet of kitchen paper and use it to make sure your refrigerator doesn’t leak.

Next, get a hair dryer. Turn it on and keep it a few centimeters from the door seal. The hot air from this appliance will dry the leaking water from the inside to help secure the gasket to the door. This way, the door will close correctly.

Thanks to this simple trick, you will see that you will save a lot of money on your bills because your refrigerator will be completely closed. And no more electricity will be wasted.