Dish soap in the toilet, the solution to many problems: what happens if you try it?

How many of us would think that flushing dish soap down the toilet is wasteful? But it is an unusual solution.

Well, some “clogging” problems can be solved in this unusual way. Let’s find out what it is.

Bathroom problems

Problems usually appear when you least expect it, especially in toilets , which usually get clogged without warning.

Dish soap in the bathroom.

In any case, it is important to stay calm and not panic . Below we provide you with some simple tricks that will solve this annoying problem.

A clogged toilet is a topic that no one usually talks about happily, how can it be possible? However, you are free to believe it or not, but this incident can happen in every home.

Of course, clogs can be avoided with systematic cleaning of this essential bathroom utensil.

Woman cleans clogged toilet

In addition, biological remains, hygiene items (except toilet paper), wet wipes, cotton pads or tampons should not be flushed down the toilet.

The so-called biodegradable toilet paper rolls are also a big problem, as they can also clog the drain pipe.

Therefore, it is possible to prevent clogging, but it cannot be completely avoided. That’s why below you will find that we have some suggestions for this unfortunate problem.

Let’s start with the exhaust…

If the water in the toilet rises, before starting to think about how to remove the blockage, it is necessary to prevent it from overflowing.

So we must act quickly! One thing you can do is turn off the water in the bathroom. Remove the cap and then close the valve open. The second option is to turn off the water supply behind the toilet. Now you can proceed to fix the problem.

Baking soda and vinegar

This technique will be appreciated by those who prefer natural and environmentally friendly means to chemical products.

You will have to pour a whole bag of baking soda (500 grams) into the toilet and slowly pour a liter of vinegar.

Baking soda, vinegar and gloves to clean the toilet.

Obviously, it is advisable to use protective rubber gloves and protect your eyes during handling. To speed up the reaction, add 2 or 3 liters of hot water and let this magical mixture act overnight. Especially if the obstruction is of organic origin, success is almost 100%.

Unlock a bathroom

A modern device you can use is called a “spring plunger.” It is a flexible hose that can do a lot, making it an effective solution if the blockage exceeds the first 20 centimeters.

It is often used by plumbers themselves. If you don’t have this tool at home, a wire hanger will suffice.

But be careful not to create problems with the toilet bowl. To do this, it is necessary to unroll the hook and wrap the end of the wire with a cloth.
Now all that’s left to do is move the tool you just created in all directions and use a rotating motion to remove the debris that has clogged the toilet.

Use dish soap in the bathroom.

If it’s a moderate clog, simply pour some dish soap into the container and pour a bucket of hot water up to the edge.

The weight of the water will help dislodge the obstruction. The water should be hot, it does not have to be boiling.

Liquid dish detergent

Then the water and detergent must be allowed to act. If after a while it no longer flows down the drain, you will need to use a manual plunger.

The manual plunger is a very effective tool and not only in the fight against toilet clogging. It’s always good to have one on hand, you can buy it at any home improvement store.
It takes a little brute force to use it, but don’t despair , it’s not difficult at all.

Then you need to place the plunger into the clogged toilet drain and start pumping hard. Of course, it is a good idea to always make sure that the plunger is completely submerged in the water (it must completely cover the opening of the siphon), otherwise it will be technique will not work.

If the plunger does not stick, it should be wrapped in a cloth or soaked in warm water before use. This will soften the rubber and make it adhere better.

With any luck, this will create pressure that will force any solid debris that has clogged the toilet out of the pipes. Under no circumstances should you attempt to flush the toilet again, as this can cause further problems.
Instead , using a pair of gloves you will have to try to throw everything directly into the trash.

Toilet and toilet paper.

In the worst case scenario, when a clogged toilet is full of water, you can try using the plunger again after emptying the toilet .

Draining the water may not seem like the most pleasant activity, but once you’re done, you can pick up a drain cleaner again and follow the tips in the previous paragraph.