Rings and stains on cutlery, the trick to eliminate them in an instant

There is a trick to eliminate the annoying stains and marks that form on our cutlery. Here’s how to do it.

Among our kitchen utensils that we usually use frequently both to prepare our dishes and soups and to put food in our mouths, there are cutlery that can be made of different materials.

Very commonly the ones we use are made of stainless steel but there are also other types of cutlery made of other materials, from the cheapest to the more expensive and with different prints according to the consumer’s taste.

Cutlery: Here’s How to Remove Stains and Scratches

In addition, cutlery is also a business card. According to the label, there are many types of cutlery depending on the dish you are going to consume and there is also a correct position to respect when setting the table. regarding its positioning.

Cutlery: Here's How to Remove Stains and Scratches

When we have guests at our table we do everything we can to make a good impression and we use our best tableware to impress our guests, but Sometimes we find stubborn stains on our cutlery.

These are formed due to the consumption we make or because we have come into contact with some ingredients whose cleaning is very difficult or because there is lime in the water that tends to cause these specks to form.

Cutlery: Here's How to Remove Stains and Scratches

Even if we put our cutlery in the dishwasher, sometimes they cannot be cleaned as we want and that is why we resort to other methods and one of the The most effective is the traditional one that our grandmothers inherited from us.

To do this we need hot water and vinegar. Before proceeding, it is necessary to mix one part of vinegar with eight parts of hot water and let our cutlery soak for about 10 minutes.

Next we dry our dishes with a microfiber cloth as this feature tends to eliminate stains and prevents the cutlery from being scratched due to to its soft texture.

Other methods

Another solution to get stripes and stains of cutlery are removed in the blink of an eye is to add at least two tablespoons of baking soda to 300ml of water .

Like the previous solution, in this way, after the time in which the cutlery has rested in the solution, it should be dried with a cloth, always made of microfiber.

Furthermore, if our cutlery has scratches, which have been formed by contact with each other or by friction with food or pans that have caused these small grooves to form, another ingredient must be used.

In this case, put a little of olive oil on the microfiber cloth, and then rub it on the cutlery and the scratch and Its emollient action will tend to leave the utensil as good as new.

Cutlery: Here's How to Remove Stains and Scratches

After you have scrubbed everything, immerse the cutlery in a solution of water and vinegar and also in this case let them sit for a few minutes and then rinse them with running water.

It is useful to remember that cutlery should never be left wet , but should be carefully dried after each wash. This is because lime residue can form in the water and therefore damage our cutlery.

In addition, letting them dry without using a cloth will tend to occasionally form rings from the absorbed droplets and over time it will be more difficult to remove them even with the methods mentioned above.

Therefore, it is always better to take care of our cutlery and our crockery so that they are always usable even when we have a guest at home.