Shiny, scented floors with 1 drop of this – I’ve never had it like this

What natural detergent to use to have shiny and scented floors throughout the house? Continue reading and you will discover how.

It is very pleasant to notice a fresh and delicate aroma when entering the house . But there are tricks to avoid having bad odors and not use air fresheners of chemical origin.

Deodorize your home with oil diffusers

Among the many tricks, the most common essential oil diffusers consist of a candle that heats a base on which the oils are poured essential.

Bright and scented floors

The oil evaporates thanks to the heat of the candle and spreads its fragrance throughout the room. Of course, it should never be left on when leaving home.

There are also electric ones, with a container to pour the water and along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

There are aromas that make us feel at home, like the smell of clean clothes, freshly cooked food or the aroma of flowers from the garden. They are aromas that comfort us and make us feel comfortable and that we all try to enhance in our homes.

That’s why I’m sure you’ve also often wondered how to make your home always smell fresh.

Polished parquet floors

You don’t need to spend hours and hours cleaning your house so that it always looks impeccable and worthy of a magazine cover, but there are some minimums that you should maintain to prevent dirt from taking over your territory, such as sweeping, mopping and powder from time to time.

Therefore, if we want the house to smell good, it is essential that it is kept clean above all . In fact, nothing will be solved by “covering” bad odors with cheap air fresheners and incense sticks. Only in this way will you achieve a pleasant and fresh atmosphere in your home.

Bright and scented floors

The variety of surfaces, such as marble, ceramics or parquet, can be treated easily and with natural products that allow us to create detergents capable of removing dirt in depth.

Below you will find a preparation for a cleaning product that you can make yourself capable, on the one hand, of acting on almost all surfaces and to eliminate all traces of dirt between one joint and another, and on the other, to be respectful of the environment and the well. -be in your health.

You can easily find the necessary ingredients at home and are:

  • White vinegar
  • softener
  • bicarbonate
Sodium bicarbonate

To make it, pour 100 ml of vinegar into a bucket and add a drop of fabric softener with three tablespoons of baking soda, all mixed with warm water.

Thanks to the vinegar you will have the floors disinfected, with the baking soda you will be able to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt and the pleasant smell of your favorite fabric softener will perfume the whole house. Easy, economical and efficient !

Also, don’t forget to open the windows for air circulation and ventilate your home every day, 10 minutes will be enough.