Burning a bay leaf at home: here’s why you should try it right away

Strange as it may seem, a bay leaf can be useful in the home not only to perfume it or prepare drinks that deflate the stomach, but also for something else.

The bay plant can be useful if you love cooking , in this case it is used to season many dishes, both first and second courses . It also makes fried chicken, dinner rolls, etc. They are super tasty.

Then it is known for its numerous anti-inflammatory and digestive properties or even expectorant. Finally, it has energetic powers that are generally associated with abundance, something that no other plant has.

The history of the bay leaf since the Romans and the Greeks.

What we can deduce is that consequently the bay leaf can be used in lucky rituals with many possibilities of obtaining excellent results . The Romans and Greeks, in particular, associated the laurel with success and, in fact, used it to compose the crowns of the emperors.

The crowns were distinguished based on the greatness of the Emperors and their victories. According to the Romans and Greeks, the laurel with its aroma helped to make wise and correct decisions.

The bay leaf in the esoteric world, here is its meaning and the value attributed to it

In the esoteric world, however, the bay leaf has protective properties, which is why it is said that it should always be carried with you, as an amulet in your pocket a> , to overcome negative energies.

Then it is advisable to keep it under the bed, in particular the custom of keeping three bay leaves on the side where you sleep is indicated. This keeps negative energies away as much as possible. You should do this for at least a month, remembering to change the bay leaves at least once a week. 

The bay leaf can also be placed under the pillow, especially if you want to get positive responses about work or a profitable source. In this case only 3 are enough and apparently they are capable of stimulating prophetic dreams.

Why put bay leaves in your shoes or wallet?

It can be useful in shoes, if you are looking for luck or if you want to attract positive things such as love and abundance in any circumstance. Simply put it inside the shoe, which not only attracts positive energy but also ensures that the shoes are always clean and fragrant.

Then you can also put one inside your wallet where you keep your money. This serves to promote prosperity, it requires money and therefore luck. According to esoteric experts, all this should be done on the nights of the new moon.

Look for a job and request the help of the bay leaf and the candle, how and why to do it

If you are looking for a job, the bay leaf can give good answers but in this case the “rituals” that we have talked about so far are not necessary. Rather, you need a candle, a plate and a leaf.

What you should do is take a green candle, on top of which you write your name and the job position you aspire to. Then you light the candle and then place it on a plate. Place the salt on its left, then add a few grains of rice and place three bay leaves on the right.

To really work, the candle must wear out and therefore must go out on its own. In the end, the rice and bay leaves should not be thrown away at all . In fact, they should be stored in a green bag.

Evidently all this has never been scientifically proven. The real functions of bay leaves, relating to luck, prosperity, energy, have never been demonstrated on a scientific level.

Therefore, it is emphasized that these are rituals that may not even work. After all, it doesn’t cost anything to try, so why not do it? Regarding consumption, you must pay attention to the type of bay leaf used.

It may be useful to know that the laurel is the most widespread in the Mediterranean is the species laurus nobilis, which is not poisonous. The toxic one is cherry laurel because it contains hydrocyanic acid. Then follows the laurel rose , which is 100% toxic in all its parts.