Very dirty mop, don’t buy it again: a drop of this ingredient and it will be new again

cleaning with mop

Mop for very dirty floors, we use it at any time of the day to remove any type of dirt, with the addition of hundreds of chemicals.

To make sure you clean the floor thoroughly, disinfecting it effectively and therefore eliminating germs and bacteria, you need to wash the mop every time you use it.

Like all the utensils we use at home, the mop also requires attention, hygiene and cleaning. Very comfortable and easy to use, very practical because with one pass the floors are clean, shiny and dry , but if the mop is not as clean as it should be, should the work done is practically zero, useless.

When to wash the mop and retrieve it and when to throw it away

Normally when the mop is dirty you think about throwing it away and buying another one . This behavior is incorrect, because the mop is only thrown into the trash when it is irreversibly worn and therefore it is impossible to clean it properly , as is done with the rags.

However, when it is still new or almost new it is enough to clean it in an ecological, economical and natural way with home remedies that come from ancient times.

An effective remedy to clean the mop, baking soda.

The effective remedy to clean the mop is the use of baking soda , which is useful at any time and occasion in the kitchen, because it allows you to sanitize and thoroughly clean not only the kitchen utensils , but apparently also the utensils used for washing. the floor.

Simply pour half a glass of baking soda into a bucket of warm water and then soak the rags or mop for a couple of hours . Once the established time has passed, rinse until the water is clear. If you want, you can wash the mop, even in the washing machine, always using baking soda. In this case, the product is placed in the detergent drawer, then the temperature is set to at least 70 degrees and washing begins.

Vinegar and lemon to eliminate germs, bacteria and bad odors.

Another product that can be used to clean the mop is vinegar, which eliminates all the dirt and bad odors that  . Pour warm water and a cup of vinegar for each liter of water into a container. In this case, the mop or rags are left to soak for half an hour, then wrung out, removing all traces of water and dirt.are generated due to bacteria

If you want to have a greater guarantee of cleaning, add two tablespoons of baking soda to the water, in this case the degreasing and sanitizing effect is maximized.

After the lemon, clean the mop well, fill a container with water, pour the juice of 2 lemons into it, then put the rags and the mop in it and leave it inside for an hour. Then rinse. Lemon is used not only to eliminate dirt, germs and bacteria but also to combat bad odors.

Water, ammonia and tea tree oil, the most suitable solution

Then water and ammonia are also used, a unique solution that is effective for washing the mop when it is excessively dirty. It takes very little to make the mop look new again . In this case, it is important to rinse it well to remove any traces of ammonia and then, before storing the mop, make sure it is completely dry. If you store it while it’s still damp, you run the risk of it smelling bad over time. 

Another natural remedy that works is tea tree oil, which has incredible antibacterial properties: it is capable of eliminating bad odors and Clean the mop thoroughly. Just fill a container with warm water , the juice of 2 lemons, then add a few drops of tea tree oil and leave the rags and mop soak for half an hour. Finally they are rinsed, the result is fabulous . What all of these remedies have in common is that the cost is zero or almost zero. They are all super convenient remedies, that do no harm, that do not ruin the floor if they are not rinsed properly, in short they have no drawbacks.