Very shiny refrigerator shelves, no vinegar needed: go get this ingredient from the kitchen

clean the refrigerator

How to eliminate bad odors and make the refrigerator shelves very shiny? You won’t believe it, but some natural products that you always have in your kitchen and can therefore easily find are enough. We are talking about baking soda, vinegar and lemon, let’s discover how to use them to sanitize and perfume the refrigerator.

Cleaning the refrigerator is one of the activities that cannot be left out of the kitchen, especially when there is a lot of food stored and the shelves are all occupied. The  odors that emanate from various foods  and the dirt that inevitably accumulates inside despite the attention make a thorough cleaning urgent.

Cleaning the refrigerator is also necessary to eliminate products that are deteriorating and must be thrown away. Below we explain how  to clean the refrigerator naturally  , without using chemicals or aggressive detergents, but with the products that you normally have in the kitchen.

What to do before starting to clean the refrigerator

Before starting to clean the refrigerator, it is essential   to empty it completely  and remove the internal accessories, to be able to do the job more easily and quickly. It is also advisable to place a cloth at the bottom of the refrigerator to collect any water that may drip during cleaning.

You should know that thousands of bacteria can nest inside this appliance   in every square centimeter, some of which are harmless while others can cause damage to your health if they contaminate food. That is why it is necessary to disinfect the refrigerator  at least once a month  , using the following products.

Baking soda to sanitize refrigerator shelves

Baking soda is undoubtedly one of the most effective natural products to  disinfect and sanitize the refrigerator  . Simply  mix it with water   to create a solution that can be wiped onto both the interior and exterior walls of the appliance.

The appropriate dose to use is  one tablespoon of baking soda per half a liter of warm water  . To remove stubborn stains, you can prepare a creamy mixture that will be applied with a toothbrush and rubbed more vigorously into the affected areas. The baking soda is quickly removed with a cloth and leaves the areas perfectly sanitized.

Vinegar for degreasing and polishing.

Like baking soda,  vinegar is also an excellent disinfectant and degreaser  . In addition, it is also an  excellent polisher  and leaves the treated areas bright and shiny.

The ideal vinegar is red wine vinegar, but failing that, white vinegar is also fine. It can be used  pure or diluted in warm water  and wipe the walls and shelves with a soft cloth.

refrigerator shelves

Lemon to eliminate bad odors from refrigerator shelves

Very often bad odors come from the refrigerator, due to the food that is stored inside, such as fish, meat, cheese and other foods that may be rotting. In these cases, lemon is a perfect ally to solve this problem.

Once you finish cleaning the refrigerator, prepare a  solution of water and lemon juice  , place it in a spray container, and spray it inside the appliance. The pleasant aroma will spread throughout the refrigerator and is also great for  preventing the formation of new unpleasant odors  .

As a preventive measure, you can place some lemon slices in a corner of the refrigerator and change them once a week. In addition to the products indicated,  other natural remedies  to use to sanitize the refrigerator are  peeled potatoes and coffee grounds  , which should also be left in a drawer or on a shelf for a few days. In addition, it is recommended   to always close food   in sealed packages to avoid the spread of bad odors.