Oil, NEVER throw away this part of the cap: it is very important | This is exactly what it’s for.


When opening the oil, it is normal to remove a piece that is inside the cap in order to open it and use the oil. However, you should know that you should never throw away the piece you removed, because it has a very important function. Let’s find out what this part of the cap is for.

Few people know what the piece inside the lid of ordinary oil bottles is for, and most have  the habit of throwing it away  immediately after taking it out.

The piece we are talking about is the one you find once you remove the lid, and it is made up of a small ring that completely closes the bottle.

Generally we have the habit of pulling the ring and throwing this component in the trash, and like many others do, I’m sure you have done it many times too.

This is absolutely incorrect, because the purpose of this part of the cap is completely ingenious and it is good to highlight it, so that everyone can be aware of it. Let’s see below  what the part of the cap  underneath is used for once the oil bottle is opened.

You can use the lid part for the oil bottle.

Once you have removed the piece with the ring from the oil bottle, after having removed the cap, do not throw it away because you can reuse it to make better use of the bottle.

Its use  is not well known  and few people know what this specific part of the hat is actually used for. Precisely for this reason it is usually thrown away, and no thought is given to preserving it, because its real usefulness is unknown.

You must put the small piece you removed back into the oil bottle.

As already specified, the small piece that you removed from the cap must be placed back in the bottle. Before putting it on, take the ring between your index finger and thumb, press lightly, and place the ring on the bottom of the oil bottle first.

As you can see on the bottle, there is  an opening on the inside  , right where you need to put the ring through. The opening  is quite large  and is surrounded by many plastic pieces arranged in a radial pattern. If the bottle is used as is, the oil comes out in large quantities.

After putting the ring on the bottom of the oil bottle,  place  the top plate of the plastic piece firmly.

When placing the piece of cork in the bottle you must make sure that  the entire piece is placed  so that  it covers  the large crack  that was previously there. If it is placed correctly you will only see three small cracks.

Its function is to perfectly dose the oil.

Press well the part that you put in the oil bottle and thanks to the  three small slots  you will get a perfect dosage when using it.

That’s right, this little piece that is normally removed and thrown away, if you put it back into the bottle as I explained before, will allow you  to take advantage of the oil by dosing it perfectly  , and when you have to put it in the pan you will no longer have to be impatient looking to serve. a bit. The oil will come out in small doses through the three slits and you can use it without waste.

You will never put more than necessary.

Thanks to this ingenious piece that is inside the oil bottle and that you find immediately when you open the cap, you will never add more oil than you really need for cooking.

This is a  very useful mechanism  to  avoid wasting oil  and using it in the appropriate quantities. From now on you will no longer throw away this oil bottle cap and you will definitely use it because it will save you money.