DIY floor cleaner to thoroughly clean and perfume the entire house

Cleaning floors is essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt and the proliferation of bacteria that cause, among other things, bad odors. Most of us use industrial detergents, putting our health at risk, especially if we have asthma or allergies.

However, to have clean and fragrant floors it is not necessary to use chemical compounds, but it is possible to achieve the same results using completely natural ingredients that are safe for our health.

One of the most popular products for cleaning floors is pine cleaner , which has a very pleasant scent and also has a less aggressive effect on our respiratory tract. To prepare your natural stone pine detergent you need the following ingredients:

500 ml white vinegar
100 ml ecological liquid soap
2 tablespoons alcohol
30 drops of pine essential oil
Add all ingredients to a 2.5 liter spray bottle and shake well to mix. Then add water to fill the bottle and mix well.

Use the DIY cleaning product as usual, diluting it with water to distribute on the floor.

Remember to remove all dust before using the DIY cleaning product and wash the floor regularly to prevent dirt accumulation and protect your health.

Now that you know how to make a homemade floor cleaner, you can stop spending money on industrial cleaners and keep your house smelling fresh.