Very clean and shiny marble with simple natural ingredients

Marble is a widely used material in our homes, for example in the kitchen , bathroom or for floors. Although it is beautiful and also very elegant, it is important to protect the marble properly and clean it with the right ingredients to preserve its appearance.

Using chemical products to clean marble is very dangerous: in addition to the risk of choosing the wrong product and permanently destroying the marble, there is also the risk of it losing its shine or even changing color. Below we list some natural and non-aggressive methods for cleaning and polishing marble .

How to Clean Travertine Marble . This type of marble used in floors or bathrooms requires special treatments. Wet spots often occur due to mold or soap residue that eventually seeps into the surface.

To keep the marble clean and shiny, remove soap and mold residue with a soft brush. Wet the brush with warm water and rub lightly over the marble. Then wipe with a damp cloth with warm water and neutral soap. Dries well.

Clean the white marble . It is mostly used in the kitchen and is therefore prone to staining easily. To clean white marble, rub the stain with half a lemon and let it sit for a few seconds. Then clean with water and vinegar. It is likely that the treatment will need to be repeated several times. Clean with a dry cloth.

Special care for marble . Clean marble surfaces often with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. For an even deeper clean, you can use a mild soap.

Wait a few minutes and then dry it with a clean cloth. Don’t wait any longer as the soap could discolor the marble and create a larger stain.

Polish the marble . Mix baking soda with a small amount of water until a creamy solution forms. Spread on the marble and leave for about 30 minutes before removing with a damp cloth and a little warm water.

There is also another technique for polishing marble that uses hydrogen peroxide. Mix half a glass of hydrogen peroxide with 5 glasses of water and use the solution to clean the entire marble surface.

Clean and polish a marble floor . After removing all dust from the floor, wash it with a solution of water, baking soda, alcohol, and a little liquid detergent.

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