Do not use toilet paper from public toilets! The reason is amazing!

We all suddenly feel the urge to go to the toilet when we are not at home. At this point you are forced to use a public toilet.

Many people use toilet paper on the toilet seat to prevent bacteria and germs.

Well, you should know that doing it completely wrong is a big mistake as it does not provide any protection against infections.

When we are not at home or when we go out to eat, we usually use the public toilets. Some people don’t bother using them, while others want to avoid germs and other infections.

Many people cover the toilet seat with a layer of toilet paper before sitting in the belief that this will protect them from viruses and bacteria.

Unfortunately, that is not true at all. And for good reason: Some people have used the toilet before and might not think of lowering the toilet seat before flushing.

This means microscopic splashes of water can land almost anywhere, even on toilet paper.

So what is the solution?

If you think that the toilet paper you put on the toilet seat can protect you, you are completely wrong because it is full of bacteria and potential pathogens. Therefore, do not touch it and especially do not use it to cover the toilet seat on which you will later sit.

If you have to use public toilets, we simply advise you not to sit in them or use toilet paper in them. Instead, use tissues instead of toilet paper.

And after using the public toilets, avoid contact with the various surfaces. Wash your hands afterwards and use hand sanitizer if possible.

The toilet paper problem doesn’t really arise when you just have to pee. The cause is simple: you urinate faster and can do so without touching or sitting on the toilet seat. However, this becomes a big problem, especially if you suddenly experience stomach pain while on the move.