Do you know where a broken mirror is thrown into the recycling bin? (The answer is not what you’re thinking)

Broken mirror

Besides bringing bad luck, do you know where to throw away a broken mirror ? You might immediately think of throwing it away in the glass bin, but that would be very wrong. Without prejudice to the individual local indications regarding where to throw away certain waste (indications which may change from municipality to municipality), here is some advice on where it should be thrown away.

Where to throw away a broken mirror?

We admit that it is not always easy to separate waste collection in the correct way because there are no guides that indicate where any type of object and material should be thrown. It would also be impossible to write such a guide.

However, there are some objects that we use every day that we need to know where to throw away when they break, to avoid errors and fines. Let’s take a broken mirror for example. You might think about throwing it away in the glass .

But no, it’s not like that: the broken mirror should absolutely not be thrown into the glass bin. In the case of small mirrors, the fragments must be safely collected and thrown into the unsorted waste bin (the dry or grey). Please remember: make sure you don’t hurt yourself, but collect them so that the operators can’t get hurt either. However, in the case of very large mirrors, you will have to:

  • take it directly to the municipality’s reference ecological island , asking the operator on site in which container it should be disposed of
  • always call the ecological island or the company that deals with waste recovery in your area and request a ride to collect bulky waste . The company will inform you of the date, time and method of delivery
Mirror on the wall

Remember that you can only throw in the glass bin :

  • glass bottles of water, wine or drinks
  • glass jars of sauces, pickles, pickles, preserves and jams

However, never throw these objects into glass :

  • mirrors
  • glasses
  • light bulbs
  • glass ornaments
  • baking dishes
  • computer , tablet or television screens