The persistent smell of sweat  on shirts  is very common, especially in summer, and can be an annoying and embarrassing problem.

Fortunately, there are some  simple and effective methods  to naturally pre-treat and effectively remove unpleasant odors.

In fact, today we will see together how we can effectively solve this little problem to always  have clean, fresh and wonderfully smelling shirts!

What will you discover?

Pre-treat affected areas

The first essential step in eliminating the smell of sweat from shirts is to  pre-treat the affected areas  .

Before washing the shirts, wet  the area under the armpits and behind the back  , as this is the part of the fabric most susceptible to sweat stains.

You can resort to various remedies, but bet on  Marseille soap  , which also removes the halo and, thanks to its wonderful scent, already begins to mask the smell.

Leave for a few minutes to allow the soap to penetrate the fibers and remove stains and odors.

Then the only thing left  is to switch to thorough washing in the washing machine  , let’s see together how!

Thorough washing

As previously mentioned, after pre-treating sweat stains, it is important to wash shirts thoroughly.

Be sure to follow instructions on the amount of ingredients to use  by consulting laundry labels  , based on the load of the washer and the amount of shirts being washed.

If possible, choose a  high temperature wash cycle  to eliminate lingering odors.

citric acid

Citric acid  is an excellent ally in the fight against sweat odors. It is no coincidence that it is a popular product used in the washing machine!

You can also use it as a natural fabric softener by adding a moderate amount to your t-shirt wash cycle.

All you have to do is  dissolve 150 grams of citric acid in 1 liter of water  until you get a single solution; After that, you need to  add 10 drops of an essential oil  to your liking so as not to give up the perfume.

Add 100 ml of this obtained liquid to the washing machine and your shirts will be like new!

alcohol vinegar

Another natural remedy to eliminate the smell of sweat from T-shirts is  alcohol vinegar  , a product that can never be missing even for a day at home!

Before starting the washing process, add  half a glass  of alcohol vinegar to the drum of the washing machine. The vinegar helps break down sweat residue and neutralizes any odors.

Make sure you  don’t overdo it with the amount of rubbing alcohol  , as a lingering smell of vinegar could replace the smell of sweat. In fact, you can also  add 1 teaspoon of essential oils to the amount of product you put in the washing machine  to “sweeten” the strong aroma of the vinegar.

Hydrogen peroxide

For stubborn sweat stains on white shirts,  hydrogen peroxide can be an effective solution. You surely know well that it is considered a natural remedy as a replacement for bleach.

This trick is simple: Mix  one part hydrogen peroxide with three parts water  and gently apply the solution to the sweat stain.

Leave on for 10 minutes  and then wash in the washing machine as usual. Alternatively, add 2 tablespoons of product directly to the detergent container and you’re done!