Are you tired of entering the house and smelling stagnant or unpleasant odors?  Do you want to create a welcoming and fragrant environment  where fresh air envelopes you every time you cross the threshold?

Today is the right day because together we will see some valuable tips on how to  always keep a fresh scent when entering the house.

Between cleaning strategies and the use of natural perfumers, discover simple but effective ways to ensure your home is always surrounded by pleasant and welcoming scents.

What will you discover?

Various infusions

A simple and natural way to spread a pleasant scent throughout the house is to  prepare scented infusions  !

You can use intoxicatingly scented ingredients such as dried flowers, citrus peels, cinnamon, cloves, or mint and eucalyptus leaves.

Simply add  a handful  of the ingredient you chose to infuse  to a pot of water  and bring to a boil over low heat.

The aroma released fills the room with a fresh and inviting scent!

Naturally scented spray

Another way to keep your home smelling fresh is to  prepare a natural scent spray  .

Fill a  spray bottle with demineralized water  and add  4 drops of essential oil  from your favorite perfume. In summer, mint, lavender, lemon or eucalyptus are best.

Shake well before use and  spray this mixture throughout the rooms of the house  for an immediate and long-lasting fragrance effect.

DIY Potpourri

Potpourri is a classic and always perfect way  to  spread a pleasant scent in the house!

The preparation itself is very simple  : just collect the petals and leaves of the plants you like the most. Rinse and dry thoroughly, then allow to dry for several days until fully cured.

Once you’re done, all you have to do is put everything  in a  decorated tray or bowl and place it on a table or piece of furniture that can bring out all the smell.

To intensify the smell, you can mix the potpourri  with a few drops of essential oil  until it is completely absorbed.

And here you always smell a wonderful scent in the house!

Air freshener with sticks

Reed air fresheners  are not only an effective but also a very elegant way to spread a pleasant scent into your home.

Fill a container with a mixture of equal parts of an  essential oil of your choice  +  coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

Now that you have the perfumed base, all you have to do is insert a few  sticks into the container  and wait for them to absorb all the perfume.

The sticks slowly release the aroma into the air, creating a fresh and fragrant atmosphere.

Floors always clean

In addition to trying to make the house smell good, you also need to pay attention to even more important factors,  such as the cleanliness of the environment  .

Without constant and adequate cleaning of the floors, a fresh smell in the house cannot be achieved. In this context, it is recommended   to always wash with fresh water and natural products such as Marseille soap or apple cider vinegar.

Also add 2 or 3 drops of essential oil to the bucket to enhance the scent of the perfume and you will have a feeling of freshness like never before!

Be careful of dust

Dust can collect in corners and on objects in the house and cause an unpleasant, stuffy  and  musty smell.

In addition to frequently washing all surfaces with connected furniture, they must also be kept dust-free by wiping with a microfiber cloth or a bed cover with electrostatic fibers that retain dust without moving from side to side  .

This way you prevent dust from accumulating and help keep the air fresh and clean.