In summer, the   shower cubicle is  used a lot as we wash ourselves several times a day to freshen up.

Therefore, it seems like he never cleaned it and always finds a patina of lime or dirt on the  tiles, glass, taps and plate.

But no fear! Today we will see together how to always keep the shower clean, even if you use it every day!

What will you discover?

floor tiles

Once you have used the shower, we recommend that you  start by cleaning the tiles, which often tend to become opaque   due to limescale and moisture   .

Therefore, we recommend that you always dry them thoroughly and not leave them wet. However, for polishing you can  use half a lemon and rub it  directly over the tiles like a natural sponge  .

Then let it take effect briefly, then    rinse with a sponge and dry carefully with a microfiber cloth. Your  tiles will be clean and shiny in minutes!

Note:   If the tiles are made of marble or natural stone, we recommend that you do not use lemon as it could cause corrosion.

Shower head and mixer tap

The  shower head and faucet  are usually made of steel and we are aware that this material, however beautiful, tends to become opaque and form water and limestone stains  if not dried thoroughly.

In this case too, we recommend that you wipe with a dry cloth after showering to prevent it from getting wet. However, for an even more effective and complete cleaning, you can put a little vinegar on a sponge and then rub it   over  these components:  they will shine as if they were new!

Then, if the shower head has clogged filters and the water is not flowing well, you can try the   pocket trick  . All you have to do is fill a fairly sturdy plastic bag   with  white vinegar and  add two tablespoons of baking soda   .

Next, immerse the shower head in the bag and tie the bag closed  with a knot or elastic band.   Finally   , let the shower head soak overnight   and the next day you will notice that the holes in the shower head are free of limescale and the  water jet  is restored!  

Note:  We recommend that you try the pocket trick once a month to ensure that limescale does not build up in the holes.

shower tray

Have you already cleaned the tiles, shower head and faucet?  Now it’s time  to move on to cleaning the shower tray, where the water, the  products used for shampooing and showering, the hair, etc. will be “collected”.  And it is not uncommon for us to find  limescale or mold spots in the corners  that are caused by constant contact with water.

For this reason, we first recommend that you  always dry the shower tray thoroughly  and always have a product on hand that  can be used to clean it quickly.

To do this, mix   300 ml of white vinegar, 3 tablespoons of bicarbonate   and the   juice of two lemons  in  a  spray bottle  and  then shake the bottle vigorously to mix everything together.

Then spray this mixture onto the shower base every time you use it and let it sit for a while. Finally, scrub gently with a   sponge  and rinse! This mixture can also  prevent black mold spots in the corners of the shower  !

And if your shower  has mold stains  in the corners, here’s a  video to show you how to remove them!