Don’t make the common mistake of crushing bottles before throwing them away.

Before disposing of plastic bottles in separate containers, he often crushes them to reduce their volume. However, most people make a serious mistake. According to experts, many people don’t know how to crush plastic bottles. It is necessary to completely master this seemingly harmless gesture. If you read on you will understand what we are talking about.

After several in-depth surveys, it has been concluded that many households do not know how to sort their plastic waste. When it comes to plastic bottles, it is common practice to shred them before disposing of them in the appropriate container.

Although experts always recommend using glass, which is more environmentally friendly than plastic, almost everyone makes a big mistake when it comes to plastic bottles. The tendency is to crush them from top to bottom.

This is not a good idea because modern machines do not recognize these bottles and therefore cannot be recycled.

How do you properly recycle plastic bottles?

How are plastic bottles recycled after use? Yes, you don’t need to crush them from top to bottom, but lengthwise. This is important to reduce the amount of waste in the bin and speed up the recycling process. These are the types of bottles that can be recycled.

PET: It is the most commonly used material to make plastic bottles. It can be recycled mechanically or chemically. This type of material is not recommended for long-term recycling as it retains odors and at the same time provides a favorable breeding ground for bacteria. It should not be exposed to sunlight as it can release elements considered carcinogenic.

HDPE: This material combines lightness, strength and durability. It is 100% recyclable and is used in containers and freezer bags.

PVC: Commonly used in the production of plastic bags and bottle caps.

PP: is the plastic material used for coffee capsules.

PEBD: Used for automotive components.

In short: all plastic items should be recycled. For plastic bottles, you will need to remove the caps and wash them before crushing them. To complete the recycling process successfully, shred the bottles lengthwise.