Have you ever tried soaking clothes in water and apple cider vinegar? You’ll love the results!

Here’s a hack you’ll love! Soak your clothes in water and apple cider vinegar and the results will be amazing!

Washing clothes is part of our everyday life. We use the washing machine almost every day to wash, disinfect and do laundry. But don’t be fooled: clothes aren’t always so white. Various light-colored items of clothing tend to fray or form unsightly rings after several washes. If this happens, you will have to run the entire wash cycle again to get rid of them. However, with this granny hack you can fix anything in a snap. Have you ever tried soaking clothes in water and apple cider vinegar? The results are truly amazing!

Wash your clothes with water and apple cider vinegar! You’ll be surprised!

Apple cider vinegar is a perfect ally when it comes to cleaning your home. It is a real natural remedy that can be used on any occasion. When it comes to cleanliness, we’re talking about stained clothes. Apple cider vinegar may be just the ingredient that guarantees a perfect pour.

Apple cider vinegar has disinfecting and whitening properties that promise effective and flawless cleaning in just a few steps. It is also very useful for brightening faded or streaky clothing. That’s how it’s done:

Pour a glass of vinegar and some water into a bowl. Mix it lightly and dip the clothes to be bleached into the solution. Let them soak for about 30 minutes, drain them and put them in the washing machine on the normal cycle. And that’s it, your clothes will be flawless!