Don’t pour rice cooking water down the sink: why you’re doing it wrong

Rice cooking water should never be flushed down the sink. Here is why.

In our diets, we often find the consumption of rice, this cereal popular in the dishes of Asian peoples that has also permeated our cuisine, becoming one of the most consumed foods.

Just think of how one of the latest culinary trends, the poké has rice as a staple food and how its consumption has increased in recent years precisely thanks to this new food.

Rice: this is the reason why you should not throw rice cooking water down the sink.

Rice is very important for nutrition, as it can be a substitute for pasta, especially for those who are gluten intolerant and therefore need to obtain energy from other foods.

It is usually combined with legumes or vegetables, but even eaten plain it is often preferred with a little olive oil and some salt. We have always associated it in our collective imagination with Chinese, Japanese or Korean people.

This is because, in anime and manga, seen and read, we have always been given a representation of the smile as an element of conviviality and favorite food of this population.

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Now, however, Italians also use it abundantly and rice has become one of the main foods in some typical recipes, such as Sicilian arancini di riso.

But not everyone knows that, when we are going to cook rice, we make a serious mistake by pouring the cooking water down the sink. And the reason has nothing to do with a possible deterioration of the sink.

But the reason is precisely that rice is rich in useful elements for other purposes, and the cooking water could be valuable to solve many problems, especially aesthetic ones.

The different uses

Letting it cool after cooking the cereal, it can be used on most of our body to prevent irritation and redness of the epidermis by having a soothing effect on our skin.

It also promotes skin elasticity and can be used as a natural anti-wrinkle agent to combat skin dryness. By mixing it with coconut oil, a natural cosmetic product is obtained.

Rice cooking water is also useful for the skin of our hair. Using it as a natural mask will make your hair soft and silky and nourished and moisturized to the right extent if you use it as a conditioner.

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But in addition to our body, rice cooking water can become an excellent herbicide for our garden. Its properties will make all the weeds disappear and the plants absorb its characteristics.

So, when we eat some rice and are about to drain the water, let’s think about how useful it could be and the money it could save us and, perhaps, avoid throwing it away.

In addition, with rice cooking water, you can also make delicious meals, just surf the net a little and see what dish you can prepare with it and delight the palates of your family or friends or