Fill a glass with salt in the bathroom and these household problems will disappear.

With a single glass of salt in the bath, all these problems will be a distant memory: a classic and valuable method.

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Salt is a unique natural product used by ancient peoples to preserve food. Few people know that it was the Celts who passed on this method, making salt one of the most widely used and traded products in the world.

Once very expensive to buy, today it is a common product that can be found in the supermarket. It is a mistake to believe that it is only for culinary use, because salt can solve many problems in the home: just one glass is enough.

What is a glass of salt for in the bathroom?

Coarse salt or fine salt is a great treasure, discovered by ancient peoples and used then in the preservation of food, considering the lack of technological devices such as refrigerators or other methods of preservation.

This discovery has led people to discover over time the multiple uses and benefits of this natural ingredient. In fact, salt is usually associated with the culinary arts for flavoring, but thanks to its properties, it can become an ally to solve domestic problems .

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With just one glass of salt, you solve many problems, save money and avoid using chemical products with preservatives and pollutants.

Eliminates unpleasant odors in the bathroom

Just one glass of salt in the bathroom can completely eliminate all the bad smells that accumulate. Sometimes they are caused by plumbing, while in other circumstances they are due to moisture that spreads through the walls.

Cattivo odore

Mold is a consequence of humidity and must be counteracted as soon as possible. For this reason, a single glass of salt placed in the bathroom is sufficient to absorb odors and moisture by changing the contents once a week.

To enhance the anti-odor action, you can also pour a few drops of essential oil, preferably lavender or lemon. In the blink of an eye, the room will be scented, free of dampness and rich in well-being.

The small bowl with salt can also be placed in other areas of the house, to combat humidity in the kitchen or bedroom.

Removes yellow stains from the toilet

The yellow stains that form in the toilet are unsightly and, in any case, compromise sanitary hygiene. To remove them completely, simply take a glass of salt and then a little cold water, creating a cream to be applied on the stains. Leave to act for a few minutes and then mop, before flushing the toilet.

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For an even more powerful action, baking soda can be added and left overnight.

Salt can also be used, following the same method, to clean all kitchen utensils by removing the limescale that accumulates over time.