Don’t throw away discolored clothes: throw 1 cup of this ingredient in the washing machine

Have you washed it wrong and have your colored clothes faded? It can also be caused by frequent washing, prolonged exposure to the sun or perhaps excessive use of detergents. Faded colored clothes are not pretty to look at, but to prevent this from happening here are some natural remedies and some tricks to always keep them perfect.

Washing colored clothes in the washing machine requires a lot more attention than you think and you don’t need fabric softener to keep the colors bright and perfect. Sometimes discoloration is also due to the use of aggressive detergents, which on the one hand clean the clothes but on the other attack the colors. Fortunately, there are natural solutions that, in addition to being economical, allow you to obtain results extraordinary and keep colored garments unaltered over time. Let’s find out what ingredients to put in the washing machine.

White vinegar

An especially effective ingredient for keeping the colors of clothes unchanged is vinegar, excellent for adding liveliness and shine to clothes. To obtain this effect, just add a cup of vinegar in the last rinse.

The garments will be alive and shiny. In addition, vinegar is also perfect to soften them and you can use it instead of the usual fabric softeners< at i=4> in ​​the market.

Simply add a cup of vinegar to the washing machine compartment instead of fabric softener and, if you prefer, also add five or six drops of essential oil of your favorite perfume. The clothes will not only be revitalized, but will also be soft and very fragrant.

Do not forget to always wash in the machine in cold water, or in any case at low temperatures because hot water causes discoloration of the garments .

White wine vinegar is also great for brightening the color of white and dark clothing, and the latter does not need to be treated with bleach.

Coarse salt

Easily available because it is usually present in the kitchen pantry, salt is a natural ingredient suitable for preventing discoloration of clothes during washing in the washing machine.

In particular, coarse salt is the most effective and it is enough to add two tablespoons to the drum  and start the washing cycle at low temperatures so that the colors of the clothes are more vivid and bright.

To achieve a more powerful effect you can combine vinegar with salt and also add a cup of white vinegar to the detergent drawer.


Another very effective solution to ensure that clothes do not fade in the washing machine is pepper. This ingredient, which has a slightly abrasive action , has the power to remove soap and detergent residues a> that promote discoloration.

Simply put a teaspoon of granulated black pepper in the drum of the washing machine and start the wash, which should never exceed a temperature of 30 degrees. At the end of the wash the clothes will be shiny and like new.

Avoid adding peppercorns to the washing machine tub as they can cause clogs in the pipes.

Useful tips to prevent your clothes from fading

In addition to the natural remedies listed so far to prevent clothes from fading and enhance their colors, here are also other useful tips to always keep them bright:

  • Avoid very high temperatures when washing in the washing machine.
  • Always prefer a temperature that does not exceed 30 degrees.
  • If the clothes are very dirty, do not exceed 40 degrees.
  • Turn clothes inside out before putting them in the washing machine.
  • Don’t overdo it with detergents as they stay on the fabric.
  • Rinse clothes only with recommended ingredients.
  • You should not hang clothes when there is a lot of sun because they could fade and always hang upside down.

By following all these tips and tricks your colorful clothes will have a long life !