Aluminum foil in the freezer, now everyone does it: you save a lot of money

Aluminum foil is very useful at home, we can use it to preserve food, as well as for cooking, to keep food warm, but not only.

In fact, a silver leaf can solve a thousand problems and be useful in the most disparate and absurd situations. For example, the freezer, whether new or old, forms several layers of ice on the shelves.

This is a problem because not only the drawers get stuck and therefore open with difficulty or do not close properly, but speaking in In terms of cleaning, getting it back like new, clean, perfect and spotless is very difficult. Aluminum foil solves the problem in a few minutes, in two easy steps.

Manually removing blocks of ice will be just a distant memory

It takes a long time to remove ice blocks manually . If you don’t want to turn off the freezer and have it completely defrosted, you have to take out everything inside, defrost it, remove the water, dry the inside and put everything back in. To do all this it takes at least two or three hours.

There is a solution that allows you to remedy this once and for all : using very simple sheets of aluminum foil: < a i=3>aluminum foil allows you to defrost the freezer in ​​just a few minutes.

Here’s how to use aluminum foil to defrost your freezer.

If there is little ice left you can line the inside of the freezer with aluminum foil and that’s it. You simply take out the frozen foods, put the aluminum foil inside, rearrange them and that’s it. If the ice is too much and therefore several layers of ice remain, it is recommended to defrost the appliance first and then install the sheets.

The aluminum foil  must be placed inside the freezer , in all its parts, top, bottom, sides. Only after doing so can you put all the products back inside. At this point the ice will only form on the aluminum film which can be easily removed, in a few minutes, without effort or problems.

This way you can go get the ice from the freezer at any time of the day, because it is less demanding than before .

Better freezer performance

Using aluminum foil not only allows you to always have the freezer perfectly clean, but also makes it work better and not overloading it. In addition, since there is no longer as much ice inside, which reduces the space available to freeze food, you can store anything without fear of the freezer eventually being left open.

Sometimes it happens that due to excess ice that forms on the sides of the freezer, or above, the door opens. This causes food to defrost incorrectly, which then refreezes and is harmful once consumed. In this way, the freezer works twice as hard and consequently consumes much more than normal.

Freezer drawers, it is better to line them, that is why

You can do the same with freezer drawers, which can be lined with aluminum foil. In this way, it is only necessary to replace the aluminum sheets with new ones after a few months , because over time, due to ice and low temperatures, temperatures, aluminum obviously deteriorates.

This way, defrosting the freezer will no longer be a problem, in fact it will be child’s play.