Don’t throw away dishwater: It’s worth its weight in gold to reuse it this way

This is why many people do  n’t throw away the water from their air conditioner. You can’t imagine how many ways it can be useful. With  the techniques  we show you, you will not only not waste this valuable resource, but you will also benefit from it.

Air conditioning water is therefore a valuable resource

Summer is here and the high temperatures on some days force us   to leave the air conditioners on 24 hours a day. You know very well that these machines have an  exhaust pipe  through which the excess water that  forms due to the principle of evaporation and condensation  is removed.


Water is a precious gift, an invaluable asset, but one that is too often taken for granted. You cannot imagine  how many liters of water we waste every day  . For example, did you know that  when we brush our teeth  with the tap running, we throw away  8  liters of water per minute  ? Not to mention showering  :  for every minute that the shower head dispenses water,  we use at least 16 liters.

The thought that there are still cities and continents in the world where water is hardly available should certainly make us try to avoid it in our own small way, wasting it as little as possible. For example, did you know  that you can reuse air conditioning water in many different ways?  We give you some ideas.

Air conditioning water intelligently reused

Have you ever wondered  why air conditioners produce water?  The air conditioner works with  mechanisms that cool the air  . Two processes are involved in the creation of this liquid:  condensation and evaporation.

When we turn on the air conditioner, it is able  to capture the moisture present in the environment and expel it in the form of water drops,  which are then released into the drain pipe and collected in carboys made of tin, glass or plastic.

Also, how many times have you  collected and thrown away the water produced by the air conditioner  ? Do not do this again. Below we  propose some ideas that will allow you  to reuse the water from the air conditioning  in the best possible way and thus avoid waste.

If you are wondering whether  the water produced by air conditioners is safe to drink, the answer is no.  You should definitely not do this because the liquid produced by this machine  is not drinkable as it  contains contaminants caused by the air, especially  insects, pollen or if you smoke in a home environment  . The water is influenced by these elements and is therefore impure.

However, you can reuse the water from the air conditioner  for environmental or household cleaning.  In general  , a new generation air conditioner is capable of producing 1 to 6 liters of water per hour  . However, production varies depending on the  humidity in the house.  Even ten liters of water could be collected in one day.

Professors at a Colombian university have  carried out analyzes of the water produced by the air conditioning systems. Their studies have led to the following conclusions: Although it is not drinkable,  the water produced by the air conditioner has chemical and physical properties that allow it to be reused in the home.

You can use this water, for example,  to water your plants  on the balcony, terrace or  in the vegetable garden  . You can be assured that their growth will not be affected or stopped. In any case  , air conditioning water is better than tap water  because it is free of limescale.

However, you can still  use the water from your air conditioner to clean your home  . But be careful,  do not use it to wash dishes,   it is perfect for cleaning floors. Also great for cleaning  windows, bathrooms and glass.

You can also use the water from the rinse to  wash your car or use it in  the iron  : it  does not contain limestone and  therefore will not stain your clothes or clog your iron.

As you can read,  there are many ideas for reusing air conditioning water.  This means you don’t waste a valuable resource and still get many benefits from it.