Boil 3 mint leaves in a pot: 10 minutes later this happens in the house

What happens if you put 3 mint leaves in a pot of water for 10 minutes?  Let’s find out together. Once you try this technique, you won’t be able to do without it.

Mint, the plant of hospitality

Mint is an aromatic plant  with a pleasant and intense scent  . Easy to grow, you can easily grow it indoors, on your balcony or patio. It tolerates high temperatures and does not require constant watering.

Since ancient times, it has been known for its  beneficial effects  and was widely used by the Greeks, harnessing  the power of its leaves  not only in cooking but also as a  remedy to treat some health problems.

Especially in ancient Greece, mint was one of the plants that could not be missing in farmhouses. It was also called the “hospitality plant” because of its strong yet relaxing smell,  which made anyone who breathed in its scent feel comfortable in a home.

Another curiosity.  It is said that  in the time of the gods, Hermes and Zeus, on their way to Olympus, were entertained by a few poor peasants who, before offering them something to drink and eat,  wiped the table with mint leaves  . For this reason, mint was considered  a symbol of hospitality in Greek tradition.

Today we still use the leaves and flowers  of this incredible plant, using them both in the kitchen to prepare savory and sweet dishes and  as a remedy to treat some diseases.

An essential oil is also extracted from its leaves   , which  is said to relieve sore throats and headaches.  In addition, an infusion based on these leaves proves to be a  perfect natural remedy for relaxing the body and mind  . Did you know that even  toothache  can be relieved by consuming herbal tea with mint leaves? In short, it is a plant with truly incredible properties.

Boil 3 mint leaves in a pot and see what happens to your house

You can use mint leaves not only to prepare delicious  and healthy recipes, but also, as mentioned above, to treat some minor ailments.

However, if we told you that the leaves of this magnificent plant  can also be useful at home  , would you believe it? Here’s how to use them. Find out what happens to your home when  you boil 3 mint leaves in a pot full of water.

Once you try this technique, you won’t be able to do without it. Many people who continue to use it after discovering it. All you need to do is  get some mint leaves  – even three will do – large enough and  add them to a large pot of water.

Cook them for 10 minutes  and then turn off the stove.  You will notice a strong and penetrating smell  that  spreads throughout the house in a few seconds.  With this system you have  created a natural deodorant!

The scent of  mint leaves will scent your home for hours  .  Do not throw away the water you  used to boil the leaves. We recommend pouring it into a spray bottle and  misting the liquid using it as an aroma diffuser.

The technique that we have just explained to you is perfect especially when the house  smells of burning, roasting or smoke  : these unpleasant smells disappear in a few seconds. Mint leaves not only serve to perfume the home but  also create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Some studies have shown that  inhaling the smell of mint leaves stimulates the brain to  reduce stress and anxiety and regain harmony and balance. There are over  600 varieties of mint  , but the plant with  the most fragrant leaves is peppermint  .

Use these very leaves to  make your own natural deodorant. We’ll also reveal another little secret:  mint is a natural insecticide!  Were you aware of that? Its smell, which is very pleasant for us, is  unpleasant for some insects  , especially  flies and mosquitoes  .

Did you know that you  can also use mint leaf decoction to clean the delicate surfaces  of your furniture? Even  mint essential oil proves to be a perfect ally in cleaning.  Apply three drops to a microfiber cloth and start  cleaning glass, furniture and wooden objects  : they will become shiny, bright and shiny again.