Don’t throw away egg cartons: here’s how to recycle them

The egg carton is specially made from durable material that ensures a high level of protection against moisture and light  . So that the eggs do not rot before use. Instead of throwing away the cardboard, think about recycling it to get something useful but also to reduce the waste created on the planet. 

Don’t throw away egg cartons: here’s how to recycle them 

As already mentioned, the egg box is made of ecological and biodegradable material.  Some brands use starch, legume seeds, flour or even paper pulp to make it. 

These materials can be recycled to create original and decorative items  . In addition to the egg carton, you will need pieces of wool, a glue gun and felt paper in different colors.

Of course, this requires a minimum of dexterity and craftsmanship. To do this, follow these steps: 

  1. Use scissors to cut the egg carton into different pieces  .
  2. Follow the same shape as the eggs;
  3. Put the two pieces together, glue them together and make a hole to pass the wool yarn through.
  4. Insert the wire and twist it in a circle, blocking everything with a  glue gun  .
  5. Line the egg carton with wool;
  6. Glue other yarns in different colors to   create decorations .
  7. Attach it to other decorations and use felt paper to make cute, colorful keychains.