So I pour the oil into the sink. AWESOME Life hack

Some time ago my family and I were visiting my parents.

This time we stayed for two months. Finally we returned home. We went into the apartment and there – stench and feeling of suffocation.

We opened all the windows but it was difficult to get rid of the smell. We thought it might be the fridge, but no, we turned it off. It was empty and clean.

It did not contain any forgotten spoiled products. We looked in every corner for the culprit behind this disgusting smell.

Only then did we find out that it was the smell of the sewage system.

The water had been treated. The drain was dry.

If the water is used daily, it is constantly changed in the place where it is located, so there are no foul smells from the sewage system. However, when we were away for long periods of time, the water always remained the same.

We called a plumber who advised us to pour sunflower oil down the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet and shower drain.

The oil forms a protective film and prevents the bad smell from escaping the drains.

From now on, when we go away for at least a week, we always pour oil down the drain.

Did you know this trick?