The perfect way to wash curtains and curtains. My mother’s secret

Who doesn’t know this problem – new snow-white curtains turn yellow or gray.

The worst thing is that washing does not help, all the dirt that accumulates during hanging discolors the fabric, which no longer regains its pure and original color.

However, there is a way to restore the whiteness of the fabric. You just need to learn how to wash it properly.

How do you properly wash light and thin curtains and drapes?

The most important rule: the temperature should not exceed 35 degrees. The delicate fabric does not tolerate high temperatures, so it is recommended to soak it in slightly warm water before washing.

The secret is to add half a kilo of salt to the water in which the curtains are soaked.

You need to leave the curtains in this salt solution for an hour or an hour and a half – the salt will remove all yellow stains and dirt – grease the fabric with dust. After soaking the curtains, you should rinse them with warm water. Rinse water should be cold. The heat will ruin the entire process.

The next step is the actual washing. You must use a synthetic fabric program. It is designed for slower washing so as not to damage delicate fabrics. The washing machine should not be overfilled and the fabric should not be compressed. Water must be able to flow freely through the material.

If the tulle becomes dull, the vinegar will make it shine again. One tablespoon per liter of water is enough to return the curtains to their original appearance.

So white that even blue frost white can be restored thanks to ultramarine pigment available in sachets. Simply add the amount indicated on the package to the rinse water. The curtains will be white with a blue tone, fresh and sparkling clean.