Don’t throw away overripe bananas: use them this way

Bananas are one of those fruits that are always ripening. If you’ve forgotten some in your fruit basket, you’ll probably notice a change in the color of the flesh.

This brown tint is due to the breakdown of the yellow pigment as a result of the release of ethylene gas. If your first instinct is to throw this ripe fruit in the trash, forget this bad habit and think about transforming them in this way.

Overripe bananas: the perfect ingredient for your smoothies

Whatever your smoothie recipe is, you can use ripe bananas to spice it up. Don’t worry about the taste, because it’s still a banana. Only the color of the shake will change.

For breakfast delicious oat flakes

For a healthy and nutritious breakfast, the combination of oats and banana is a must. It is not necessary to add sugar to your breakfast. Plus, it’s a good time to fill up on fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

How to prepare banana tea?

This is an unusual idea to combat banana waste, but it is worth trying. Bananas are especially rich in minerals such as magnesium and potassium. You can prepare this drink using the skin of the fruit.

How do I cook a ripe banana?

You can always eat your ripe banana by cooking it. You can also use it as an ingredient in traditional recipes. Ripe plantains can be roasted, sautéed, or baked.

Ripe bananas to replace eggs

Did you know that you can easily replace eggs with ripe bananas when preparing your cakes? Whatever your reasons for not eating eggs, or if you have run out of eggs in the fridge, you can replace them with bananas.

This is possible thanks to the sticky properties of bananas. You just have to mash them if you want to use them in your baking recipes. You can also replace the eggs with applesauce or ground flax seeds.

To make homemade pancakes

Ripe bananas are an essential ingredient for making pancake batter. However, you can also slice them to enjoy with your homemade pancakes.