What is newspaper used for in shoes? It is the secret practice of shoemakers.

Putting a sheet of newspaper in your shoes is the best solution to this inconvenience that affects many people after buying a new pair of shoes.

When you buy shoes, sometimes they can be too tight. If you can’t change them due to a small difference in size, don’t lose hope because it is possible to widen them. However, this technique only works with quality shoes to reduce the risk of damaging your feet. What do you have to do to increase a size?

Shoes that are too narrow: a shoemaker’s advice!

Although there are many methods to enlarge shoes, not all are equally effective. The success of each technique depends above all on the material the shoe is made of. To increase the size of your shoes, here are some foolproof methods recommended by shoemakers.

Alcohol and newspaper

This is a very simple method. Take a whole sheet of newspaper and shape it into a ball. Next, pour some alcohol into a spray bottle and generously spray the ball with the product. Next, insert the damp paper into your tight shoes and leave it inside overnight. It is the alcohol that will cause your shoes to expand.


It may be an unusual remedy, but it promises to have a surprising effect. To use it, take a freezer bag and fill it with water, but not too much. Place the bag full of water in your shoes and put everything in the freezer. The water will turn to ice and stretch your shoes.


This is a strange technique, but the results are truly amazing. The idea is that potatoes contain a good amount of starch, which has the power to trap moisture in your shoes. In addition, starch is also effective against bad odors.

Hair dryer

For larger shoes, why not try the hair dryer method? It is a very popular trick that produces impressive results. To do this, take your hair dryer and some socks that are not too thick. Turn on the device with hot air and place it at a distance of about 15 meters. The heat will soften the shoe so it will stretch.


To break in your new shoes, simply wear them with thick socks. This allows the shoes to soften more so they don’t hurt your feet.