Don’t throw away the mozzarella water, it’s worth gold. You can use it like this

top right there, absolutely don’t throw away the mozzarella water: you can use it for something unsuspecting

We’ve all done it (in fact, I just did it): I eat the mozzarella and then throw away the water. Well, this is a serious mistake: we can reuse the mozzarella water in several unsuspected ways. If you are committed to combating food waste , then you can also start from here: start recycling the mozzarella water too. Yes, but what can we reuse it for?

How to reuse mozzarella water?

Usually the mozzarella water is made up of diluted acid whey , the stretching water and a little salt. For these reasons it is a very rich water from a nutritional point of view: it not only contains vitamins and minerals, but also proteins, enzymes and lactic ferments .

Obviously no one will ever have thought of drinking it, given that it is quite salty. However, nothing prevents us from reusing it, perhaps to soak legumes before cooking them (just remember not to salt them too much since this preserving liquid, as it is called, is already rich in salt).

sliced ​​mozzarella

Someone also uses it as an addition to water to cook pasta (always see the previous discussion on salt), but there are also those who use it in pizza dough and wholemeal bread or in cooking rice. And there are also those who use it to replace sourdough and brewer’s yeast, given the high content of lactic ferments.

If you feel in the mood for creations, also try using it to make sauces for meat dishes or vegetables creamier.

You can also use it in gardening, as it is excellent for watering plants . Except that, to use it in this sense, it must be diluted since it contains too much salt for plants.

Ah, among other things, mozzarella (like milk and other cheeses) is among the foods richest in serotonin ever.