Double your fruit and vegetable harvest with this refrigerator ingredient

Thanks to an ingredient in our refrigerator we can double the harvest of fruits and vegetables. This is what it is.

garden trick

A full dinner or meal ends with a dessert but even before dessert, fruit is served  on our tables, varying according to what is available depending on the season.

There can be many types of  fruits  depending on taste, as well as vegetables, their seasonality must be respected, although many of these are usually present all year round.

Fruits and vegetables: here is the ingredient that doubles the harvest

Apples, bananas, pears, carrots, potatoes and many other types of  fruits  and  vegetables, vegetables  and anything else we can easily find in the supermarket and in our trusted greengrocer and we can indulge in preparing different delicacies.

Lately, the consumption of fruits  and  vegetables  at km 0 has become increasingly more insistent  , that is, obtaining products that have not traveled many km and that can be consumed directly on the spot.

This is why consumers are encouraged to buy products that go directly from the farmer’s land to the table, avoiding many steps and any type of contamination.

Fruits and vegetables: how to double your harvest

This is very important and Coldiretti is implemented  so that Italian citizens can buy genuine products and often in various parts of the city, we can find yellow stalls selling quality fruits and vegetables.

The well-being of  fruits  and  vegetables  and their flavor also depends on the soil in which they are grown and how it is treated, avoiding pesticides and products that are harmful to the consumer’s health.

For this reason, there is a tendency to consume organic or  GMO- free products  , especially if the destination is for the little ones, so much so that a few years ago the school fruit program was established in schools.

The peasant’s secret

But to make sure  fruits  and  vegetables  grow healthily, you need to be very careful about what you put in the soil, especially if you have a homegrown garden, which is very common in the United States but is also  gaining  ground in Italy.

There is a secret that will double the amount of  fruits  and  vegetables  and their growth and it all lies in an ingredient present inside our refrigerator that we use for other purposes.

We are talking about brewer’s yeast. This product provides microorganisms to the soil that settle inside the plants, strengthening them thanks to the presence of phosphorus and nitrogen.

Fruits and vegetables: how to double your harvest

To prepare a fertilizer with this ingredient, simply grind it or use the powder in a glass of  water  at room temperature and add a teaspoon of sugar inside.

This solution should be used to water the garden and after a while we will see how the harvest of  fruits  and  vegetables  will be abundant and we will be able to consume the products without problems.

This is one of the methods that farmers implement to ensure that the products of their land flourish smoothly and abundantly.