Prepare 1 tablespoon of this and any flowers you have in the garden will instantly come to life.

With a single spoonful of this ingredient in each flower we can have a garden that will come to life in an instant. This is what we need.

a tablespoon of plants

In our houses  and  gardens  there have always been  flowers  that brighten our homes and ensure that through their aroma we breathe an intoxicating feeling of cleanliness in all rooms.

Flowers are essential for our homes as they not only look like furniture, but they tend to improve mood and make life better due to the role they play in the ecosystem  .

Flower: Here’s how to make it lush and full of life using just one all-natural ingredient

In fact, many  insects,  called pollinators, go in search of  flowers  where they can suck  nectar  or rest and that is why it is always better to have flowers at home near windows and balconies.

In this way, our little friends will be able to rest and take the  necessary nectar  and thanks to their work they will tend to give us a green planet and a healthier life.

Flowers have always been seen as something elegant and there are many types and they are given as a tribute to famous people or people we want to thank for something they have given us  .

Flower: the ingredient to make plants lush

They are also given as birthday gifts, or given to dance teachers or singers, as happens during the  Sanremo Festival  , whose Ligurian town is considered the city of  flowers, among other things.

They have a certain charm although they tend to wither quickly and have to be replaced if they are not in the ground, which is why many do not like to have them at home or tear them out.

This is because, if they are born on land, they remain alive until they are exterminated, while once uprooted they will no longer have the means to acquire water and nutrients and will tend to die after a few days.

The secret ingredient that acts as a fertilizer and is good for our flowers and plants

But in our homes, whether in pots or in our gardens, these flowers can bloom and come to life in an instant and thrive with just one ingredient.

This is  rice,  and to ensure that it is absorbed by our  flowers  , we must first chop it and place it in a bowl where we will put the powder obtained from the rice once passed through the blender.

 We are going to add a little  water to this  rice powder  and we are going to mix everything well with a teaspoon until the water has taken on a white-transparent color and only then can we use it.

Flower: the ingredient to make plants lush

We will see how, by putting a  spoonful  of this compound in the soil of our  flowers  , they will live and bloom in the blink of an eye due to the beneficial effects that   rice has on them.

This is because  rice  acts as  a fertilizer  , as it is rich in  mineral salts  and  vitamins  and will tend to produce flowers, but also the plants will grow naturally without chemical fertilizers.