Drainer for dirty dishes, how to clean it effectively and naturally: 3 sprays will be enough

How to clean the dirty and encrusted dish drainer? There is a very powerful natural remedy and only three sprays will be enough.

The   classic stainless steel drainer,   present in all types of kitchens, gets dirty over time and loses its shine. The hygiene of this instrument is often underestimated, not to mention that clean plates and glasses are placed inside. To avoid having to replace it every time, there are excellent natural remedies to take into account: one in particular is   to try immediately   and three sprays are enough.

What causes dirty dish drainer?

The   steel dish drainer   is usually placed near the sink or on top hidden by a cabinet. In any case, it was created to let plates and glasses drain after washing them.

A method that everyone uses to speed up drying time and also to have dishes ready   before lunch or dinner. What few people know is that this instrument is full of rubble, slag and even limestone.

dirty dish drainer

Certain spots, if siliconed, may also show mold that should be removed immediately. The water that accumulates wash after wash creates a patina that corrodes the steel, making it dirty   and chalky. Additionally, over time, the dish drainer becomes dirty, including dust and detergent residue, giving way to germs and bacteria.

Clean the dish drainer with this natural remedy: just three squirts

There are many ways to clean a dirty stainless steel dish drainer full of   scale   and   scale   that has completely taken over the structure. The key ingredient is apple cider vinegar, which can be used naturally or through combination products designed for this type of cleaning.

If you want to use the   natural remedy   , simply pour two or three tablespoons into a spray bottle and add a small pinch of   baking soda   . To make the substance homogeneous, add warm water and shake to mix all the ingredients well.

Apple cider vinegar

Take the steel dish drainer and place it over the sink, spraying the mixture three times along the frame. Using a brush, slowly brush and remove all   scale, dirt and grease   that has accumulated over time.

Now, with a dishwasher sponge (but not the one used to wash dishes) rinse the structure, removing any dirt residue and also the sprayed product. Dry with a  clean, soft microfiber cloth   , squeezing out excess moisture and water.

If the dish drainer is inside a kitchen cabinet, above the sink, use the substance to also clean the compartment, removing limescale   and dirt   , remembering to dry everything with a cloth. This operation can also be repeated once every two weeks.

As expected, it is also possible to use organic cleaners that are rich in apple cider vinegar and can be   sprayed directly on the steel.