Washing machine, add them to the laundry if you want a persistent smell in your clothes

Washing machine: If you want a persistent smell on your clothes, add it to the laundry. Simply add two ingredients to give your clothes a long-lasting scent.   To   permanently deodorize   clothes, just add two ingredients for a persistent scent on clothes. It may happen that the clothes come out of the washing machine, but they are not as fragrant as one would like. Even   using fabric softener   doesn’t always scent clothes. Even the use of chemicals does not guarantee proper cleaning and proper fragrance of clothing. Two ingredients can be added   during washing to improve the smell of clothes. Let’s find out what ingredients to use to perfume your clothes for a long time.

Washing machine: when do clothes smell?

The clothes that come out of the washing machine are not always so fragrant. Excessive use of chemical detergents   and fabric softeners   does not   always give the expected results. Clothes smell bad when they have not been washed properly, and there is mold in the washing machine drum, the spores of which can be harmful to human health. Clothes smell bad when there is no good organization of the washing cycles and when dirty clothes remain in the laundry basket for days on end.

Wet clothes   left for days on end in the washing machine drum give off a bad smell. It also increases the likelihood of mold growth and the growth of bacteria and germs. Detergent residue   in the washing machine is never completely eliminated, but rather remains inside the drum, especially in the hoses and tires. Here, stagnant water accumulates and mold forms.

Marseille soap

Washing machine: add these two ingredients to have a persistent aroma on your clothes

There are   two ingredients   that can be used to have a persistent scent on clothes. You just have to add a little   water   and   Marseille soap   to permanently perfume your clothes. Marseille soap is a solid soap and an excellent product for personal hygiene care. It is a   100% natural solid detergent,   without synthetic substances. It is a soap with high degreasing power that cleans and cleans deeply. Marseille soap is excellent for scrubbing, cleaning floors and perfuming clothes.

It is possible to use the   solid version   , which can be grated: the soap flakes can be placed in the drawer dedicated to detergent, or the solid soap can be rubbed directly on the clothes. Alternatively, it is possible to use   liquid Marseille soap   and add it to the dedicated compartment with a little lavender essential oil. Thanks to these tricks it is possible to have scented laundry.