Blackened toilets, how to whiten them in 5 minutes without bleach: the natural solution

There is a method to whiten our bathroom accessories without using bleach. That is how.

In our   homes,   some surfaces are very difficult to clean and therefore we are forced to deal with stubborn dirt even if we use many products.

This can cause us real discomfort, especially if it occurs around the white areas of our home where it is most evident, but many times the blackening does not depend on us but on external agents.

Sanitary: here is the effective method to eliminate black halos

The piece of the phénomène is the most present in the  bathroom. Cela est dû à la présence d’une humidité abondante qui se formed dans cette piece en raison de l’utilisation de la vapeur d’eau.

Après une douche et un soin du corps, celle-ci depose sur les  surfaces  et notamment le long des joints, un halo black a tendance à se form très difficile voire dangereux à enlever.

In fact, this is formed because the silicone presses the shower  , the toilets, the bidet  and  the sink, which is necessary to empty the water from the  toilets  , but rather our retrouverons notre salle de bain inondée.

Sanitary: how to solve blackening

Therefore, when washing the   bathroom   you have to be careful not to rub these halos too close to these toilets because the silicone could come off and we would need to manage the excess water and call an expert.

So not only will we have damaged the   sanitary facilities,   but we will also have to pay money for maintenance and to fix the problem. But there is an effective method to avoid all this.

The home method

Expert housewives   have experimented with a method to say goodbye to the blackening of our toilets and the halos that can be created on them by creating a cream.

To create it, we only need to combine two teaspoons of   baking soda   with water and  Marseille soap   , then use it on all our surfaces so that they are shiny and less darkened.

First we take a saucepan and let it heat up, meanwhile, in a bain-marie, we will melt the   Marseille soap   and once it is completely liquid we will add it to the water.

Sanitary: how to solve blackening

Later, we will add   baking soda   and mix so as not to create a kind of pasty compound that we will apply to our   toilets   , especially where there are   black halos   .

We will wait about 10 minutes and then with a microfiber cloth    or sponge we will clean everything, being careful not to rub too hard because otherwise we could damage the toilets.

This solution can also be applied to sinks and showers to remove limestone remains and once this is done we can also take a ball of aluminum foil and rub it.

By doing this we will see that all traces of dirt and lime will have completely disappeared and our bathroom will be as shiny as you have never seen it and you will not be able to resist cleaning it in this way.