Repair your broken zipper in 2 minutes with this foolproof trick – Problem solved

Broken zipper? With this foolproof trick, you can solve it in just two minutes. Follow our advice and the problem is solved. We are sure that this trick will be very useful for you.

If you also think that a garment with   a broken zipper   should be thrown away, we will stop you immediately. With this system, you will fix everything in just two minutes   : in a few seconds, the problem is solved.

Clothes with broken zippers: why not throw them away?

If you too find yourself with a lot of   clothes to throw away just because your zipper broke   , wait to donate them. We reveal to you   an infallible trick   that will allow you   to give new life to your clothes   without having to buy new ones.

broken zipper

Do you know that   the zipper can be repaired and even in a very short time   ? The trick of expert seamstresses has been revealed and in just two minutes it allows you to solve the problem. We know how annoying it can be to   not be able to wear your   favorite lucky coat or sweatshirt just because   the zipper is undone or the teeth are worn out   .

From today, even for you, this will no longer be a problem. Keep reading the article to discover   how to repair your zipper extremely easily   and in seconds.

The foolproof trick to repair a broken zipper

In any garment or garment that we have purchased, we can all notice the same problem: if we have been using them for a long time, despite their excellent quality, the zippers that make them up are usually among the pieces that tend to break   quite   easily   . .


The most delicate are undoubtedly those made of plastic material   that are used to make bags and wallets while   the most resistant are rather those made of metal   , the same ones found for example in pants or jackets and which clearly have greater resistance.

Among the most common mistakes that lead to zipper breakage is undoubtedly   buying the wrong size of a garment   that we use a lot: zippers must   have the appropriate length as well as the size of their teeth.

Only if there is a proportion, a balance between these components, can we have   zipper garments intact   and like new for a long time. But what if it’s broken? Revealed the trick to solve it in just two minutes   .

In a few seconds you will have solved your problem. Curious how to do it? Let’s start right away. So grab   the broken zipper and a utility knife   with which you’ll start removing that little silver sheet on the back.

Take some duct tape and place it over the end of the broken zipper,   only partially covering it. You will also need the   lead of a strong enough pencil   (square shaped ones are fine).

What should I do with this mine? You would have to scrape it off with sandpaper to get the charcoal dust   onto a sheet of paper. At this point, add some   baking soda   to the pencil powder and start mixing the mixture.

What should I do now? At the end of the zipper,   in the corner not covered by the tape, place some hot glue   and start spreading the powdered crayon and baking soda mixture.

Cover everything again with some hot glue. At this point, you will see that the end of your zipper has taken on the shape of a solid, sturdy square: in a word,   you will have created a new tooth   that will allow you to perfectly hold your favorite zipper garment. See how easy it is   to fix broken zippers   ? This system is infallible.

And do you know the   fork method   ? Very easy. Grab your cutlery and put the   broken zipper in his teeth. Lock the fork and run the teeth through the ends of the metal hook –   in 2 minutes you will have a new zipper   !

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