Dry laundry without a dryer by hanging it like this

Dry clothes without a dryer by hanging them like this  . Even without a device  , it is entirely possible to have dry laundry in just 40 minutes.  With this trick, your clothes will be ready to be ironed and worn despite the rainy weather.

A few tips to keep in mind

The  dryer  is a luxury that not everyone can afford. However, in a large family, clothes are washed almost every day. This requires the use of a dryer to avoid damaging the clothing. If there is no dryer, you will have to resort to an alternative trick.

It’s easy to dry your laundry in summer. In fact, after washing, all you have to do is hang the wet cloths in the sun so that they can dry quickly. But how do you dry your laundry in winter?

It is not recommended to dry clothes indoors  .  Drying indoors increases the humidity in the room  and at the same time promotes the  formation of mold  . When using the tumble dryer, avoid placing it in front of the radiator as any obstacle will affect the quality of drying. Also expect high power consumption.

Dry laundry without a dryer by hanging it like this

The dryer  is not only quite expensive, but also uses more energy. Why not resort to this completely ecological and cost-effective trick? To do this,  you need an open space such as a terrace or balcony.  The quality of the sunshine means your clothes will dry faster.

It is therefore advisable   to hang wet clothing over the curtain rod so that the sun’s rays can properly reach the fibers of the fabric . Your clothes will dry quickly after 40 minutes. However , if  the outside temperature is low, the laundry will only be completely dry after two days.  However, this technique is still the best method for drying your clothes if you don’t  have drying solution  .