Have you ever tried pouring salt down the toilet?

Have you ever tried pouring salt down the toilet?  The result will leave you speechless. Areas where the greatest care must be taken when it comes to hygiene include the bathroom and especially the toilets. Nowadays, using chemical cleaning products is no longer popular.   The use of natural products, such as salt, is more ecological and economical . Focus.

Have you ever tried pouring salt down the toilet?

Toilet  care can be done with various natural ingredients. In fact  , you can use vinegar or baking soda to find perfectly clean and disinfected toilets.  However, salt is intended as  a perfect whitening agent  that you can now use to ensure toilet hygiene.

To perform this trick you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Add 100 g  of coarse salt  to the toilet  : distribute it over the entire surface of the bowl, even in hard-to-reach corners.
  2. Let the salt work for 3 hours  . Ideally let it rest overnight.
  3. Once the rest period is up,  flush the toilet and you’re done.

This tip makes maintaining your toilet easier  . You can be sure that you will find a toilet that is free of stains and various incrustations. In short: your toilet will shine again.

Salt becomes an ally in cleaning

Salt can also be a  great ally in maintaining a home  . Sanitary appliances can be made to shine with this ingredient, which is not lacking in the kitchen and gives flavor to our dishes  .

Perform the salt technique in the toilet every two weeks   and your toilet will always stay clean and shiny. Perfectionists can do this trick every weekend.