Dry weeds in a few minutes, just a few drops are enough for an exceptional result

Weeds often represent not only an aesthetic but also a functional problem in our gardens and vegetable gardens. Their aggressive and fast growth can threaten the crops we take care of with so much effort. Furthermore, over time, these weeds spread, taking up more and more space and taking away nutrients from the beloved plants. Not only are they a visual obstacle, but they can also become a haven for harmful parasites and transmit diseases to surrounding healthy plants.  Many avoid the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides , seeking more sustainable solutions to keep plants and soil healthy, but what could be used in their place?An effective and at the same time ecological solution is the creation of a do-it-yourself remedy using natural ingredients easily found at home. Here’s how to prepare it, very little will be enough to eliminate all the weeds in your garden in one go.

Weeds in the garden? Use this foolproof system

weeds in the garden how to eliminate them
Prepare a natural herbicide, it will dry out the weeds in a short time (canva) – Orizzontenergia.it

Avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides is an optimal and sustainable choice that we encourage whenever possible. In the long run, these substances inhibit the nutrients naturally present in the soil, making it increasingly poorer and unsuitable for certain types of crops, not to mention that in the long term these substances penetrate into the deeper layers of the soil, even managing to pollute the aquifers. In the case of small gardens and weed problems in your home, choosing a natural mixture can be an economical but above all sustainable solution. To prepare it you will need very few ingredients including 3 deciliters of white vinegar and 1 liter of water.

Start by combining these two in a small jug or tall container, add to this in table salt, a tablespoon will do. Salt dehydrates the cells found on weed leaves, promoting rapid drying while vinegar is known for its natural herbicidal properties, drying plants from above and preventing them from spreading. To make the mix even more potent, add a drop of non-polluting organic dish soap to avoid harming the surrounding environment. Be sure to mix all ingredients thoroughly to ensure even distribution.

How to use DIY herbicide

This natural remedy should not be used to water the roots and soil, as it may cause permanent damage. The mixture must be poured into a container with a spray, which allows you to specifically target only the leaves of the weeds. Spray the mix directly on the weeds, making sure to wet all the leaves well. The vinegar will work quickly, drying out the leaves and then the roots. This process will help eliminate weedswithout damaging the quality of the soil or other surrounding plants. Doing this in the hottest hours when the sun is high facilitates this natural drying process more. With the use of this natural weed killer, you can finally tackle the weed problem effectively without resorting to often harmful and expensive chemicals. However, it is important to remember to be patient, as the process may take some time.