Dryer: Speed ​​up drying time as follows

With the arrival of winter, the dryer is a very useful appliance. Since the weather outside does not allow clothes to dry quickly, an indoor drying solution is needed. However, the cost of a dryer is not free. To get your clothes to dry perfectly quickly, without hurting your wallet, here’s the trick you should know.

Dryer: this speeds up drying time

Dryers do not promise impeccable results, because you can get unpleasant surprises. Especially if you have chosen the wrong drying program.

Sweaters that go through the dryer may wrinkle or show certain structural changes.

To be more precise, spinning can warp your jersey. Among the most common problems are pilling that tends to expand. Spinning may also have some difficulty absorbing all the water.

How to end waste when using this appliance?

Follow these steps exactly to speed up drying time:

Gently squeeze the clothing with your hands to remove excess water;
Use clean, dry towels: one on the table and one on the garment;
Stretch and close the sweater as if it were a plastic bag;
Once you have wrapped the sweater in the two towels, one after the other, wait for the towels to absorb the excess water;
Next, put the entire package in the dryer and start a quick drying or ECO program.