Perfumed bath for 15 days: the advice of housewives

It is perfectly possible to have a scented bathroom for 15 days, without having to use a commercial air freshener every day. But it is not the best solution, because chemicals are harmful to our health and the planet. A bathroom should be clean, fresh and pleasantly scented. That’s why it’s worth finding out what is the most effective way to keep your bathroom fragrant for as long as possible.

A scented bath for 15 days: the advice of housewives

To keep your bathroom smelling fresh for as long as possible, you can use this trick that costs almost nothing. In fact, it only costs 1 euro.

This is what you have to do

Take a small glass bottle and some wooden toothpicks (long toothpicks work well);
Prepare a concentrated fabric softener or floor detergent;
Transfer these products to the bottle and stick three or more toothpicks inside;
Make sure the bottle is always open, as if it were an air freshener;
Over time, the fabric softener or detergent will spread its pleasant scent throughout the bathroom to mask any unpleasant odors;
You can also transfer the solution to a sprayer to spray the toilet and bathroom.
What is the cause of bad odors in the bathroom?

The steam given off by hot water when we shower promotes humidity in the bathroom. This causes mold to form, which is a common problem in this room.

We should also point the finger at the toilet, which, if clogged, can give off unpleasant odors. Sources of blockage are hair, tampons, toilet paper and hard lime.