Dull wooden furniture, with this mixture they will shine again in a short time

Wooden furniture, especially kitchen furniture, can lose its shine due to grease dirtying it. Let’s see how to remove it.

It only takes one simple mix to make dull wood furniture in your home shine again. Not only shiny but also sanitized.

Wooden furniture: because it loses its shine

Wooden furniture is not only beautiful to look at, it is also strong and durable. Although today it is difficult to find precious stones like in the past, in any case they must be cared for, not only to   preserve their shine   , but also to ensure that they are always clean and disinfected.

Our grandmothers used wax. Nowadays, many chemicals can be used for this purpose. In addition to being quite expensive in the long run, these products could, over time, damage the wood. Additionally, they release dangerous chemicals into the environment.

Better to trust other natural remedies. Fortunately, in fact, wooden furniture, especially very dirty ones in the kitchen, can be cleaned effectively with   natural substances   that we all have at home. Let’s see below what ingredients are needed.

Wooden furniture

The ingredients of the mixture

To clean your wooden furniture effectively and carefully, you will need ingredients found in every kitchen. They are baking soda and white wine vinegar. To help you in the cleaning operation, you can use a toothbrush and a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

As for quantities, you will need to use two teaspoons of baking soda for every cup of vinegar. Mix the two ingredients well     to obtain a fairly compact paste.

Using the toothbrush, pass this paste obtained over the surface of the wooden furniture to be degreased. Before continuing, it would be best to try cleaning a hidden corner of the wood, although since it is a natural remedy you should not have any problems. Be careful not to use   a toothbrush   that is too hard, as it could scratch the surface.

sodium bicarbonate

The next step will be to use the dry cloth. The latter should be passed over the surfaces of wooden furniture, treated with baking soda and vinegar. After degreasing, it will be time to polish. This time you will also need   white vinegar but pure   .

You will also need   a damp cloth wrung out in warm water   . Pour the vinegar over it and wipe your wooden furniture with the cloth. You will see from the first pass, the noticeable difference there is. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, it goes away very quickly. As a complement, however, for a more pleasant aroma, you can add a few   drops of lemon   or essential oil. Once you try this method, we are sure you will never use chemicals again.