Put 1 roll of toilet paper in the closet and you will be surprised by the result

Many people put a roll of toilet paper in the closet. Here’s why it will surprise you.

During the day, whether we are at home or in the office or anywhere else, the thought of going to the   bathroom may escape us   and almost always our dilemma, especially if it is not at home, is to wonder if there is   toilet paper   .

Often, especially in public or even private bathrooms, this is usually lacking and that is why we resort to using   tissues   for our intimate hygiene while waiting to return home to better disinfect ourselves.

Papier toilette: voilà ce qui se passe en laissant un rouleau à l’intérieur du closet

 For this reason, on my behalf  I left the lingettes in toilet paper  that have antibacterial action as well as  the abattants  that are useful if they are used by the toilettes used by people.

Malheureusement, lorsqu’elle nous échappe nous ne pouvons plus force notre corps à attendre sinon nous pourrions nous retrouver dans de mauvaises surprises ou force ceux qui nous accompagnent à rentrer chez eux sans profiter du moment.

It exists on the march of nameux types of  papier toilette  well that its utilization vise the même usage mais it exists of the rouleaux plus durs que d’autres et d’autres plus doux with a plus absorbent texture.

Toilet paper: this is why it is useful to store it in the closet
 Much depends on the delicacy of a person’s skin and the problems they have and therefore the choice is very personal and no one can decide for another, the important thing is that it never fails.

There are those who, due to the color of their   bathroom,   opt for the colored one that we find both plain and with embroidery that is reminiscent of the manufacturer’s brand printed in different colors.

The way to do it

Many of these  toilet paper rolls   are also scented and therefore in our bathroom we will have an unmistakable smell that can be recognized as soon as you step into the room.

Precisely for this reason, many have used a roll of   toilet paper   inside the   furniture   , especially in the compartment dedicated to   laundry   to be used for the bathroom and therefore to dry after a shower or bidet.

Many of these rolls have   a talcum-like smell   and are best suited to place in the closet, as by holding a roll near the towels and closing the doors, something surprising will happen.

Toilet paper: this is why it is useful to store it in the closet

The smell of talcum powder will be trapped inside the furniture and our towels will only absorb all the   smell   and remain scented for a long time until we use them.

This method is useful if we cannot use   scented detergents   due to allergy problems and therefore instead of having an anonymous perfume, we can perfume our   laundry   without spending more money.

There are many people who tend to keep  toilet paper rolls   near the   towels   so that they can absorb all the smell and become cozy even with the smell once they are used.

You just have to try this method and be surprised by its results.