Eliminate bad odors instantly with these two natural ingredients

Eliminate bad odors instantly with these two natural ingredients  ,  vinegar  and  baking soda  . Our home is never safe from the bad smells that spread everywhere. Standing water, moisture or the smell of sewage are usually cited as  the causes.

Eliminate bad bathroom odors immediately with vinegar and baking soda

Among the places most prone to bad odors are the bathroom, which is a room particularly prone to humidity. You can get rid of bad odors in the shower or toilet by using vinegar and  baking soda .

For the vinegar,  pour 2 glasses full of the solution into a bucket of hot water. Then pour all at once into each bathroom drain and leave to act overnight.

Whereas for the white powder, it is advisable to  put a tablespoon in the  pipe  and leave it to act overnight before rinsing the next day .

Remove bad smell from washing machine

Water collects in the washing machine, which   promotes the formation of mold and limescale . The latter give off unpleasant smells.

With this in mind, quick action is required to avoid contamination of clothing by bad smells. To do this, simply perform a vacuum wash with baking soda and  vinegar  .

For the vinegar, place  2 glasses in the basket and run the vacuum rinse program at maximum temperature  .

For the baking powder, put  a cup in the drum and do the same as with the vinegar  . You will see that it was as if the smell did not exist.

For the dishwasher

Like the washing machine, the  dishwasher is also  susceptible to limescale deposits, mold and bad smells. It is also recommended to carry out a vacuum wash.

For baking soda, place  a cup in the bottom of the machine and run it on very high heat.

For vinegar, you will need to  fill a cup with the solution and pour it into the basket. Ideally add five drops of citrus essential oil.